How To Care Your Sex Torso Dolls?


TPE and silicone sex dolls can both provide pleasure, but there are differences to their upkeep. TPE sex dolls are more affordable, but require more maintenance. Conversely, silicone love dolls are longer-lasting but more costly. To take proper care of TPE sex dolls, it is important to understand the material, as it can absorb more moisture and be more vulnerable to humidity than silicone. Cleaning and maintenance are vital for a TPE sex doll torso to remain free from stains and molds, and to keep it fresh for a longer period of time. It is also beneficial for hygiene. To ensure your TPE real doll is kept in great condition, the following nine steps should be followed.

Applying Powder:

Ensure your sex doll torso is powdered consistently. Each time you have finished cleaning and drying the doll, apply powder. We recommend Renewal Powder, which is secure and user-friendly. If you don't use your doll regularly, monthly inspections are suggested to check the powder adhesion. With TPE love dolls, more application equates to better results; the life size sex doll's skin will be much softer and smoother to touch.


We recommend the use of lubricants when playing with your beloved dolls. Tantaly is proud to provide a water-based lube which is non-sticky and all-natural. For intercourse, water-based lubricants are the safest and most widely recommended type; meanwhile, oil-based lubes can weaken the material, and silicone lubes should be avoided entirely.

Many prefer water-based lubricants due to their ease of clean-up and compatibility with all types of toys. Optimal friction-free play with Tantlay's dolls is achieved with the use of water-based lubricants, as water is the primary ingredient. However, the lubricant can evaporate with friction, but can be reactivated with the addition of moisture.

Silicone-based lubricants feature silicone as the primary constituent. Noted for their smooth texture, lack of stickiness or tackiness, and extended shelf life due to absence of water, these lubes are highly valued. Being highly concentrated, just a small amount suffices, there is no need for reapplication. Water-resistant, they can be used in the tub, shower, or pool, for massage, or to provide moisture or sheen to tattoos. However, using them with the doll is forbidden as it can cause damage and have a negative impact on its performance in the future. It is advised to opt for water-based lubricants instead.

Oil-based lubes tend to have a longer duration and are often edible. Beyond sexual activities, they also make great massage oils. A downside is that these lubes can cause staining and can be difficult to clean. Additionally, oil-based lubes should not be utilized with sex toys composed of latex, silicone, rubber, or plastic as these materials can be degraded.

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Maintaining Dryness:

It's essential to keep your sex doll dry; make sure to clean and towel off your doll after each use, particularly inside, as moisture can linger there. Introduce the Tantaly Absorbent Stick to the tunnel to quickly dry it. Since the TPE is porous, any extra moisture will sink deep into the doll and grow mold; use the powder mentioned before for prevention. Let the doll air dry and use a fan on wet areas like the vagina and anus, making sure to leave them open until dry. Don't use a hairdryer as the concentrated hot air will damage the TPE. It may take a few hours to completely dry due to the material; consider using tampons or paper towels to aid the process.


The torso sex doll is structurally comparable to the human body but lacks a head and limbs. To avoid alarming others, we recommend cutting it into small pieces with scissors and disposing of the fragments in a black plastic bag. For the built-in metal skeleton, it does not reproduce the skeletal structure of the human form; rather, it is comprised of metal brackets with joints. Thus, it can easily be bent and disposed of in a trash can.

Joint Preservation:

If the doll's joints remain bent too long, it can cause creases and wrinkles on its skin surface. This is usually from improper positioning or pressure being applied for an extended period. For instance, if it sits in a chair or on a bed for too long, horizontal lines may appear on its abdomen. TPE has good elasticity, so when the doll is not in use make sure it is positioned as it was delivered to you. Doing this will reduce stress on all its joints. If wrinkles do appear, lay the doll down for a few days and the creases and wrinkles should naturally decrease and disappear.


1. It is essential to wash all clothing before dressing your doll, as new and unwashed pieces with dyes could cause staining. Washing these items multiple times is recommended to reduce the risk of dye transfer; however, due to the complexity of clothing, we suggest testing them on your doll's less visible areas for a limited time, such as the underside of the thigh or a TPE sample.

2.Dark-colored clothing may be more likely to stain the doll than light-colored clothing, even after washing. To keep your doll clean, we suggest avoiding dark colors. If you still want to use a dark-colored outfit, we recommend testing it on a piece of TPE or less visible parts of the doll, such as the base of the thigh

3.To prevent damage, avoid tight clothing. As is the case with TPE sex dolls, excessive pressure can leave indents and markings. If necessary, limit wearing time to keep the sex torso doll in perfect shape.


When it comes to cleaning TPE sex dolls, pay attention to the right materials to use. Diluted soap and water or sex toy cleaners will clean your dolls without damaging them; bleach, rubbing alcohol, boiling water, and dishwashers should be avoided. For the doll’s tunnels, use the Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit with its cleaning douche and soapy water, then rinse and dry thoroughly.

Eliminating blemishes or mending fissures:

TPE material is highly porous, increasing the risk of staining from colored fabrics or other items. Though some stains may disappear over time, we recommend prompt removal with the Sex Doll Repair Kit from Tantaly. This kit is designed for an easy and effective experience, and we have provided an instructional video on the product page. Additionally, it can be used to repair your doll if it begins to peel or tear after extended use.


TPE material should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark area away from direct sunlight. Place your doll on a flat surface that is free from sharp edges and won't stain, and avoid leaving the doll in one position for extended periods. For long-term storage, be sure to thoroughly clean and dry your doll, then place it in a Sex Doll Storage Bag. This bag is both breathable and dust/moisture-proof, preserving your female sex doll for extended use.

Closing Remarks

Often, users of TPE sex dolls sing their praises. But in order to take full advantage of the doll's use and longevity, as well as minimize the risk of mold or degradation, guidelines should be followed. Regular cleaning and upkeep becomes a privilege, rather than a chore, when experiencing the great benefits a TPE sex doll can offer. We wish you an enjoyable journey with your beloved love doll torso.


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