Steps to Buying a Sex Doll Torso Right!

The sex doll torso offers a wide range of customizable features, from hair color and eye color to breast size and skin tone. With these options, you can find the perfect sex doll to match your individual desires. Enjoy a realistic and lifelike experience with this high-quality torso.

When Buy A Sex Doll Torso What Options are Worth It?

With this blog, you've located a reputable sex doll vendor and have your ideal sex doll torso in sight. With the abundance of options available, how do you decide which ones are the best investment? Let me help you distinguish these possibilities with this concise guide.

Sigafun Monica SG-T-003

  • TPE or Silicone?

The quality of silicone dolls varies based on brand; Irontech, Sigafun and Sanhui are renowned for their soft and flexible silicone that is highly realistic. Consider investing in a silicone sex doll with a "soft butt" option from one of these brands, as TPE dolls without this feature can feel stiff and unrealistic.

  • Stand Feet Option is a Must?

TPE material is soft, meaning regular feet of the TPE sex doll can't support its weight, potentially breaking the soles. To remedy this, the standing feet option consists of three metal bolt heads attaching to the skeleton, allowing the figure to be kept upright. This allows the sex doll leg to be placed in photography, intimate, or storage positions for long periods, although we advise having someone nearby when it is in a free-standing state, should it topple over and become damaged.

  • Soft Skin is a Must?

The skin of silicone sex dolls is usually more realistic and softer than TPE sex dolls, but TPE sex dolls have the advantages of cheaper and cleansing easy. If you pursue a higher skin touch, it is recommended that you choose the silicone torso sex doll.

  • Breasts – filled? Hollow? Gel?

Solid breasts, filled withT PE or silicone, are firm and perky. These are a good fit if you don't want anything too complicated. Hollow breasts have air, are extremely squishy and have great bounce-back. If you want a chubby sex doll with huge breasts, they are a good pick, but if you prioritize heaviness, they may not be right for you. The best choice for realistic looking and feeling breasts is gel: soft with a real-life feel and movement, they don't sag easily. If you want the closest simulation of real breasts, upgrading to gel is recommended.

  • Vagina – insert or built-in?

If you plan to regularly bring your life size sex doll to showers or other spaces that can be easily cleaned, the built-in vagina is the ideal choice. If not, the insert vagina will suit your needs. Note that silicone dolls only come with the built-in vagina.

  • The Heating System

The heating system of a torso sex doll is typically composed of wires embedded within the doll's body. Despite slight differences in model, these systems all operate in a similar fashion. To use, plug one end of the power cord into the doll and the other into a power source, then adjust the temperature to the desired level. Heating capabilities may vary between sex doll brands.

  • The Moaning System

The system is subpar in terms of reliability, with a high rate of repair or replacement. It is not recommended to utilize vendors offering such a product.

  • The Shrugging Shoulders

In my estimation, the shrugging shoulders are not worth the effort. I find it difficult to put the realistic sex doll in a simple pose due to the complexity of the feature. Nevertheless, many people favor the shrugging shoulder as it enables the doll to imitate a greater variety of human postures.

  • The Enhanced Mouth

The enhanced mouth may not be worth the cost, except for those dolls with open mouths. It does not alter the experience of kissing or oral sex and is strictly for aesthetics.

  • The Resin Tongue and Teeth

The Resin tongue and teeth kits are not soft and cannot be kissed; furthermore, it would make oral sex impossible. Unless you intend for the doll to resemble a vampire or other fantasy character, it may not be worth the effort.

  • Articulated Fingers

Articulated fingers provide a level of realism that was not achievable with wire fingers. The fingers are strong and sturdy, and protrude from the hand just like the wires did. This helps ensure that the product is durable and long-lasting.

  • Soft Butt

A silicone sex doll butt is a must-have since silicone is a hard material, and skipping this option means having a firm butt that is difficult to manage.


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