The History of Sex Dolls Inventors

Who Invented Sex Dolls At Most Early Stage?

Evidence suggests that 30,000 years ago, people fashioned penises from stone, tar, wood, bone, ivory, limestone, teeth, or other materials: the first known dildos. Sex dolls, however, came much later. According to Anthony Ferguson's book, The Sex Doll: A History, French and Spanish sailors in the 16th century first invented these dolls, which they referred to as travel ladies. Crafted from sewn cloth and old clothes, they were used to fulfill sexual desires during lengthy, isolated voyages. During the Japanese Rangaku period, Dutch traders sold some of these dolls to the Japanese, after which the term Dutch wives became popular and is still used to refer to sex dolls today.

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Widely used in the early 20th century.

Around 1908, the first sexologist Iwan Bloch documented the use of rubber and other plastics to fashion lifelike figures with genital organs for sexual purposes. This marked the advent of BBW sex doll, although the creator remains unknown. Bloch noted that creators of these dolls needed to pay special attention to detail for the most realistic experience.

In 1918, renowned Austrian painter Oskar Kokoschka commissioned Hermine Moos, a German puppet maker, to craft a life size sex doll of Austrian musician Alma Mahler. Drawing on his admiration for Alma, Kokoschka hoped to create a realistic portrayal, marking this as the first instance of humans exhibiting intimate behaviors with a sex doll torso.

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Innovation in 1940s-1950s

Hans Bellme, the father of the modern female sex doll, revolutionized the industry with his sophisticated designs and inventions, which resulted in significant attention from international art circles. Eventually, Nazi Germany labeled the work as degenerate art and Bellme was forced to flee Germany for France.

Though lacking proof, several journalists think Adolf Hitler mandated sex dolls for troops to fight STDs. Because of the dearth of confirmation, this likely is spurious.

The emergence of the commercial sex doll had roots in Germany, beginning with the introduction of the Bild Lilli doll in the 1950s. This doll was based on the comic-strip character Lilli, created by Reinhard Beuthien for the German tabloid Bild. American entrepreneur, Ruth Handler, drew inspiration from the Bild Lilli Doll and thus invented the iconic Barbie doll.


In the last decades of the 20th century, sex dolls saw a surge in popularity and availability. By the 1970s, manufacturers widely used vinyl, latex and silicone during production- offering a much higher level of realism than ever before. Despite their controversial nature, sex dolls remain a popular choice for some, either for sexual pleasure or as a collectible. As technology advances, the market will no doubt see increasingly realistic dolls in the coming years.

Poptorso has become the first to pioneer the ultra-soft silicone material in sex doll torsos, a material that offers unparalleled realism and flexibility. It is also extra durable, providing customers with a better experience and longer lifespan. Not to mention, it is easy to clean and maintain, making it the ideal material for top-notch, reliable dolls. Moreover, the material has a low environmental impact, hence it is an excellent choice for sustainable doll production.


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