How to Properly Say Goodbye to Your Torso Sex Doll

When it comes to a torso sex doll, proper care is important. However, even with good care, they won't last forever. When the time comes to dispose of the doll for various reasons, there are some suggestions to ensure it is done properly and respectfully.

Dump in the dumpster

Disassemble the body at its major joints, including the head, and place each part in separate, sturdy contractor bags. Be sure to handle it as you would any other garbage.

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Selling or giving her away

When it comes to disposing of a torso sex doll, consider selling or giving her away. These life size sex dolls are often expensive and there are many individuals who may not be able to afford one. Your kind gesture could bring happiness or even improve someone's life. While concerns about previously owned dolls may arise, they can easily be sanitized with 90% isopropyl alcohol. Keep in mind that not all BBW sex doll owners use them for sexual purposes; some may have them for other reasons. Share pictures of the doll on forums like Reddit, Quora, or sex doll forums, and ask if anyone is interested. You may receive private messages in no time.

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Bury them

Consult any state laws before proceeding with a proper burial for plastic products, as they may have the potential to leach into the groundwater. It's important to follow the proper process, even if it may take longer, to ensure the right thing is done.

Learn the proper way to dispose of your torso sex doll with these expert instructions. Without proper disposal, these female sex dolls can be harmful to the environment. Follow these steps to dispose of your doll safely and responsibly, protecting both the environment and yourself.


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