TPE or Silicone: Which Sex Doll Torso Material Reigns Supreme?

When it comes to torso sex doll, choosing between silicone and TPE can be frustrating. These two materials - TPE and silicone - are both available in the market. To help you make a decision, I will provide a list of their differences, advantages, and disadvantages.


The quality of TPE material sets it apart from regular silicone - its unmatched elasticity and softness allow for customizable density throughout the sex doll's body, accurately mimicking a realistic feel. This means that you can achieve the desired level of softness in the breasts, whether that be hollow or firm, by adjusting the gel's consistency. As a result, TPE sex dolls offer a more natural and lifelike experience compared to those made of silicone.

Realism and longevity of makeup

The accuracy of TPE dolls may be slightly lower due to the softness of the TPE material, which makes it less adhesive for makeup. However, advancements in technology have allowed for premium TPE to mimic human textures, greatly improving the overall fidelity compared to previous models.

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Oil yield and odor

The TPE material used in these dolls is relatively soft and can produce a slightly higher amount of oil, but with premium materials and skilled craftsmanship, the dolls can be made odorless. Silicone sex dolls, on the other hand, have a hard material and are essentially non-greasy, resulting in no unwanted smells.


The cost of premium TPE dolls is generally affordable for the majority of consumers, particularly TPE torso sex dolls. These TPE sex dolls are inexpensive, typically costing only a few hundred dollars. High-quality, life size sex dolls from reputable vendors can range from $1000 to $7000 depending on the level of quality, size, and material used.


TPE material is porous, making it susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth if not properly cleaned and dried after use. In contrast, silicone can be easily disinfected by simple cleaning. If you are uncertain, TPE dolls are a lighter, softer, and more affordable option.


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