What Happens When You Have Sex with a Sex Doll Torso?

Learn about the experience of having sex with a torso sex doll from an expert perspective. As someone who has personally tried it, I can confirm that it is similar to having sex with a real woman. However, the only limitation is not being able to interact with her. But ultimately, choosing a woman based solely on sex should not be the deciding factor. To provide a comprehensive understanding, I have gathered thoughts from others who have also tried having sex with a female sex doll.

Stimulate real penetrating

According to our customer Charles, the torso sex doll provides intense stimulation and can lead to multiple orgasms in one session. However, it may be too heavy to use comfortably without the support of a bed, table, or pillow. Consider avoiding distractions, such as using your phone or watching porn, to have better control during use.

Hands free experience

This particular toy offers two unique channels, with one featuring a tighter vaginal opening than the other. Due to its significant weight, it may be slightly unwieldy, so it is best used when stationary and thrust against. As with similar products, using plenty of lube will enhance the experience. The main selling point is the ability to have a nearly hands-free experience, which is not commonly found in most masturbators.

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Different sensations can be experienced from both holes.

According to Russ, the torso sex doll offers different sensations through both entrances, with the back entrance being tighter and preferred by smaller-sized or more adventurous men. As an average-sized individual, Russ found enjoyment in both options. Additionally, the big ass sex doll is versatile enough to be positioned in doggy-style, providing a great experience with minimal effort.

The closest to having sex with girlfriend

According to Cuagulado, after trying multiple masturbators, he found this one to provide the most pressure, making it the closest experience to having sex with his girlfriend. He decided to purchase it after seeing it.

It can take some thickness

"Despite initial doubts, this toy exceeded my expectations. As someone with a larger size, finding a suitable and pleasurable toy is a challenge, but this one delivers on both fronts. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also provides a satisfying experience. It's truly remarkable." Explained by a product expert, LaMonte Williams.

Incredibly fun and unique to use

"The toy's weight adds an element of fun and uniqueness to its use. Each part is soft, supple, and easy to grip. For added enjoyment, you can dress it up and pair it with a VR device to explore its features. Follow the provided instructions to maintain its condition for long-lasting entertainment." Suggested by Alvin. Have a different experience? Share your thoughts below.


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