The Ultimate Showdown: Hair Implant vs. Wig Sex Doll

As the sex doll industry evolves, PopTorso Sex Doll Torso is dedicated to achieving heightened realism to meet your expectations. Our website offers a variety of top-notch options, including life size sex dolls with wigs and implanted hair dolls. When comparing these two options, the primary distinction lies in the cost; implanted hair sex dolls tend to be pricier than those with wigs. Deciding between hair implants or wigs for sex dolls requires considering the key differences. Hair implants are permanent, providing a more lifelike appearance that cannot be exchanged, while wigs can be easily removed for a feminine touch. Ultimately, the decision often comes down to personal preference and budget. Let's explore the unique qualities of a hair implant sex doll versus a wig sex doll.

Hair Implant Sex Dolls

Hair implant dolls undergo a precise process of hand-implanting hair into the silicone head, one strand at a time. Unlike TPE dolls, which are softer and less suitable for hair implantation, the hardness of silicone dolls allows for a successful hair transplant. The texture of silicone also makes it resistant to breakage, resulting in a more realistic appearance. Due to the labor-intensive manual process, these dolls are usually more expensive. There are two types of hair implants available – real and synthetic. For real hair implants, human hair must be purchased prior to the manual implantation onto the silicone head. Synthetic implants are achieved through the use of permanent synthetic wigs.

Pros of Hair Implant Dolls

This silicone sex doll features implanted hair for a truly lifelike appearance with a natural hairline and scalp. Not only is it visually appealing, but the direct implantation offers resistance to discoloration, keeping the hair clean and pristine.

Cons of Hair Implant Dolls

The process of hair transplantation poses a significant hurdle for manufacturers of BBW sex dolls, making these products inaccessible for many due to their high cost. Furthermore, the upkeep of the head can be tricky, as it risks damaging the doll's delicate makeup and allowing water to seep in. Additionally, the permanent attachment of the hair to the scalp limits the versatility of hairstyles and requires careful handling.

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Wig Sex Dolls

When creating a wig sex doll, manufacturers typically do not implant hair during the manufacturing process. Instead, you will receive separate wig pieces along with your high-quality Premium sex doll. This method is commonly used for TPE sex dolls, as this material does not support hair transplants. Silicone sex dolls may also come with the option of separate wigs for more variety and personal preference. Keep in mind that some customers may choose silicone dolls to avoid the additional costs and time investment of hair transplants. The prices are more reasonable and beneficial for those looking to avoid extra expenses.

Pros of Wig Dolls

Wigs offer a clear cost advantage. Rather than purchasing an entire doll for a new hairstyle, customers can easily buy a new wig for under $50. Wigs are popular among those who desire frequent changes in the doll's appearance or want to try different roleplay scenarios. Furthermore, wigs add durability, providing a stable experience during intimate play and catering to those who enjoy intense oral interactions.

Cons of Wig Dolls

While a high-quality and well-fitting wig can achieve a strong visual appeal, it may not appear as natural as a hair transplant. Many wigs use synthetic hair, including the premium synthetic brand used at PopTorso Doll, which may not offer the authentic feel of real female human hair. Although they are easy to attach, these wigs can occasionally come off during movement, which can be awkward and detract from the immersive experience, particularly during intimate moments.


Learn the distinctions between wig and hair implant sex dolls to make a well-informed decision based on your preferences. PopTorso Doll is dedicated to assisting you in making the best selection. As sex dolls can be a significant investment, we prioritize your satisfaction. Select either personalized hair implants or wigs that align with your desires, avoiding any potential regrets after your purchase.


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