Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning a Sex Doll Properly

Owning a sex doll goes beyond just gratification and emotional satisfaction - it also entails responsibility. Showing appreciation and acknowledging its significance, proper storage, use, and cleaning are necessary. Our comprehensive guide offers the simplest steps for cleaning a sex doll and understanding the materials used to make them, catering to your expertise as a potential owner.

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Benefits of Maintaining a Clean Sex Doll - Ensure Longevity and Hygiene

Individuals who purchase a life size sex doll rely on it for various forms of support, such as finding a companion, managing social anxiety, or exploring their sexual preferences. Therefore, it is important to recognize the positive impact these toys can have on one's life. Properly cleaning a sex doll is a crucial aspect of ownership, as it can greatly affect the doll's longevity, your experience with it, and even your health.

Properly maintaining and caring for your sex doll is crucial in order to prolong its lifespan and prevent any unpleasant odors or bacteria buildup. Regular cleaning and correct storage can extend the doll's usability for up to six months. By following these steps, not only are you benefiting the doll and its use, but you are also strengthening your relationship with it.

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Increasing knowledge of Various Materials Used in Sex Dolls

The sex doll industry and production have advanced significantly since the invention of plastic sex dolls. The primary materials utilized in creating sex dolls are silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). While silicone provides a more authentic and lifelike texture, TPE offers greater flexibility and skin elasticity. TPE sex dolls require more upkeep compared to silicone due to its reactive properties, making it susceptible to bacteria and other microorganisms, whereas silicone has natural antibacterial properties.

When considering materials for a sex doll, it's important to note any potential odors. Silicone dolls do not have a scent and do not offer the option to purchase one with a desired fragrance. TPE dolls may have a rubber smell, particularly after extended use. Silicone is generally more durable than TPE, making TPE sex dolls a more budget-friendly option.

A Guide to Cleaning Your Sex Doll: Step-by-Step Instructions!

Prior to beginning, it is important to have the necessary cleaning products to properly maintain your sex doll.

Begin at the highest point

As an expert in this industry, it is important to know how to properly clean the head of a sex doll. The process is not difficult, but it does require careful attention. To make the cleaning easier, detach the removable head from the doll. You should also remove the wig and clean it separately. When moistening the doll's head, use warm water and antibacterial soap, being careful to avoid the delicate eye area. After washing off the soap, gently tap the head with a soft towel and allow it to air dry. To clean the wig, you can use regular hair products, but be gentle when combing to avoid tangling. It is best to let the wig dry naturally.

Adjust position to the center.

The cleaning process for a sex doll torso is fairly simple but requires gentle handling and appropriate cleaning products. Moistening the doll's body with warm water and antibacterial soap, carefully washing it without causing damage to the skin or material, and thoroughly cleaning all areas are key steps. Take your time and ensure all excess water is absorbed with a soft towel before allowing the doll to air dry.

How to Clean Silicone Sex Doll

When it comes to cleaning a sex doll, the process is the same for both silicone and TPE materials. However, it is important to consider the material before beginning the cleaning process. Silicone sex dolls are known for being easier to clean and less porous, which makes it more difficult for residue and bacteria to stick to the doll's skin. This also means that they dry faster than TPE sex dolls. Additionally, silicone is water-resistant, so it can handle a decent amount of water during cleaning without risking damage to the doll. With its low porosity, silicone sex dolls require less maintenance as the material does not absorb fluids or oil.

How to Clean TPE Sex Doll

According to industry experts, TPE sex dolls are more prone to bacteria and other microorganism growth compared to those made from silicone. Due to its absorbent nature, TPE material requires careful cleaning and gentle scrubbing to remove any contamination. Additionally, the flexible and soft nature of TPE may cause stickiness, so frequent powdering after cleaning and sexual activity is recommended to prevent this. Please note that the drying time for TPE dolls may be longer due to the material's susceptibility to fluid absorption, so it is best to leave the doll to air dry for several hours.

How to Clean Sex Doll Vagina

For easy cleaning, detach the vagina from your sex doll if it is removable. If the vagina cannot be removed, position the doll in a way that allows for easy access. To make the process faster, use a vagina irrigator filled with warm water and antibacterial soap to clean the area. Gently scrub the inside of the vagina with a stick sponge, then extract the soapy water with the irrigator. Rinse the area multiple times until all the soap is removed. Allow the vagina to air dry, avoiding the use of a hairdryer which can potentially damage the material.

Recommended Tools for Proper Sex Doll Maintenance

When purchasing a sex doll from RosemaryDoll's shop, you will receive a complimentary cleaning kit with the package. This means you won't have to spend extra money on costly materials or worry about replacing tools like a vagina irrigator if lost. All shipments are delivered discreetly and promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction.

To properly clean a sex doll, you will require:

  • Antibacterial soap
  • A clean and soft towel
  • Sponge (The use of a stick sponge can facilitate reaching the doll's holes, but a regular sponge can also suffice if a stick sponge is not available.)
  • Vagina irrigator
  • Hair products for the wig
  • Talcum, cornstarch powder, or baby powder

How to Playfully Dry and Store Your Sex Doll After Cleaning

After learning how to wash a sex doll, it's important to properly dry and store it. This can be achieved by allowing the doll to air dry and using a soft towel to remove any excess water from the skin. Absorbing remaining liquid can speed up the drying process, so be sure to dab the inside of the doll as well. Use a sponge or vagina irrigator to remove any lingering water, then leave the doll to air dry for a few hours. Avoid direct sunlight as this can harm the material.

For optimal care of your TPE sex doll, it is important to properly maintain it. This can be achieved by regularly powdering the doll after cleaning, using baby powder if preferred, and referring to the doll's manual for any specific precautions. Additionally, when storing the doll, it is recommended to keep it in a dim, ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Temperature control is also crucial in maintaining the doll's condition, and positioning it upright is the best way to preserve its form. Be sure to protect the doll's surface from sharp objects by covering it with a soft material.


Proper cleaning is crucial for your sex doll's hygiene and lifespan. Taking good care of your doll on a regular basis will not only ensure your health, but also extend the doll's usage period. It is important to clean the doll frequently when sharing it with a partner. Create a cleaning schedule to avoid forgetting and potentially damaging the doll. For a simple guide on how to clean your sex doll, refer to the manufacturer's manual for useful tips and information. Follow the manual's instructions to easily maintain your doll and enjoy a hassle-free experience.


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