Unleash Your Wildest Fantasies: Top Tips for Using a Sex Doll

This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of using a sex doll torso, including unpacking, cleaning after play, and more. Additionally, we've included tips for using a blow-up sex doll, as it's often the first step before upgrading to a lifelike life size sex doll. Continue reading for our top 10 tips on caring for, cleaning, and posing your love doll in various sexual positions.

#1 Unpacking a Sex Doll

When receiving a life-sized, TPE or silicone sex doll, it will typically be delivered in a large wooden crate or a customized, thick cardboard box. To ensure the safety of the doll, it is important to follow careful instructions during the unpacking process. Avoid using large knives or scissors to remove the packaging tape, as this may cause damage. Use a small blade box-cutter or safety scissors with a rounded tip instead. Once the tape is removed, locate the instructions for unpacking, attaching the head, and caring for the doll. Set them aside for reference. Then, take out any included accessories such as extra clothing, the vaginal and anal irrigator, and a possible shipping blanket. If the package includes white cotton gloves, be sure to use them immediately.

#2 Preparing a Sex Doll for Sex

Upon receiving your sex doll, it is important to ensure that it is properly prepared for use. Begin by gently wiping away any excess restoration powder, which is responsible for maintaining a silky smooth and lifelike texture. This is particularly important for dolls made from TPE or silicone. Next, check the vagina for any powder residue. Once you have completed these steps and assembled the doll, you are ready to move on to the next step of this guide.

#3 How to Dress a Sex Doll from Casual to Fantasy

The product description includes instructions on dressing a sex doll to fulfill your fantasies. To find the perfect clothing for your female sex doll, consider shopping online for lingerie or visiting a lingerie store if you prefer to see and feel the items in person. You can also explore cosplay costumes or bodycon dresses for a more fantasy-based look. Make sure to accurately measure your doll's size before shopping and use sizing charts or communicate with sales associates for assistance. This is especially important if you have a sex doll torso or partial doll.

#4 How to Make a Sex Doll Look Even Sexier

While sex dolls are already beautiful, there are ways to make them even sexier. Some owners prefer to leave their dolls as-is, but for those who want to elevate the look of their playmates, here are some useful tips and advice. You can enhance the appearance of your doll with make-up, painted nails, scents, piercings and tattoos. However, it's important to follow proper methods and precautions, such as avoiding harmful substances like alcohol and being careful not to cause damage to the doll's skin. With these techniques, your sex doll can look even more alluring and attractive.

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#5 Using Lubricants with a Sex Doll

To enhance your experience with a sex doll, it's important to use lubricants. Whether the doll is made of TPE, silicone, or vinyl, a water-based lubricant is the safest and most effective option. Not only does it prevent damage to delicate parts, but it also adds to the realism of the experience. For even more lifelike sensations, try warming the lube before use. Follow these tips for a truly satisfying experience with a blow-up sex doll.

#6 How to Use a Sex Doll for Oral Sex

When it comes to using a sex doll for oral sex, it's pretty self-explanatory. Simply apply warmed, water-based lubricant to both yourself and the doll's mouth. Some lifelike oral sex doll even come with tongues and teeth to enhance the experience. However, if you have a Real Doll AI love doll, the mouth cannot be used for pleasure due to the advanced electronics inside the head. This technology allows the doll to blink, move her head, smile, and even talk, making it a highly realistic experience. For those who prioritize oral sex, a non-AI sex doll may be a better option.

#7 How to Use a Sex Doll for Anal Sex

In order to have pleasurable anal intercourse with a sex doll, it is important to follow careful and patient procedures. Most realistic sex dolls are extremely versatile and can be positioned in various ways, including doggy style and cowgirl. However, it is crucial to avoid putting too much pressure on the smaller joints such as the wrists, hands, knees, and ankles. Before attempting anal sex, make sure to apply lubricant to both yourself and the doll's anus. This is necessary because the anus of a lifelike sex doll is typically tight and realistic, and without lubrication, it can be uncomfortable and sticky. For those who are concerned about damaging a silicone or TPE doll's skeleton or joints, using a blow-up love doll is a more convenient option. Although it may sacrifice some realism, an inflatable sex doll can easily be maneuvered into various positions for an exciting anal experience.

#8 How to Use a Sex Doll for Intercourse

For those who have had previous sexual experiences, using a sex doll for intercourse may seem obvious. However, it is important to remember to only use water-based lubricants to prevent damage to the doll's material. To enhance the experience, consider warming up the lubricant and placing it on both the doll's genitals and your own. For a more realistic feel, you can even place the doll under a heated blanket for about 30 minutes before use. If your doll has a removable vagina, you can also warm it in hot water for 10 minutes before applying lube, resulting in a warm and pleasurable experience.

#9 How to Use a Sex Doll in Other Sexy Ways

Discover endless possibilities to enhance your experience with a busty sex doll. For example, indulge in your love for feet by incorporating your doll's feet into your playtime. You can also use their breasts by lathering them with lube and sliding between them for added pleasure. The best part? Lifelike sex dolls have poseable hands for customizable hand jobs. Unfortunately, traditional inflatable dolls lack this feature, making them less ideal for foot or hand play. However, inflatable sex dolls have ample-sized breasts that can provide satisfying breast sex, as long as you use enough lubrication and avoid applying too much pressure.

#10 Cleaning and Storing Your Sex Doll

When it comes to using a lifelike love doll or a blow-up sex doll, cleaning and storage are crucial to prolonging the doll's lifespan. While cleaning a TPE or silicone sex doll may take more time, it is necessary to protect your investment. Meanwhile, since most blow-up love dolls are made of vinyl, cleaning and storing them is relatively easy. After wiping the body with a damp cloth and gentle soap, be sure to thoroughly rinse and pat dry the vagina, anus, and mouth. For storage, simply deflate and fold or roll the doll back into its original box, or wrap it in a soft cloth and store in a closet or drawer. Just remember to keep the doll away from sharp objects, sunlight, and extreme temperatures.


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