Shower with a Sex Doll Torso like a Pro: Expert Tips

To effectively shower a sex doll torso, it is important to ensure that the doll has standing feet or can be placed on a small table or stool. When using a regular shower head, make sure the water stream hits the life size sex doll below the collar bone to prevent water from entering the neck area.

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Ensure the shower head is held at a lower level than the doll's neckline when using a handheld shower head.

For optimal care, ensure that the water is warm - not hot - and use a sponge or washcloth in conjunction with a mild bar soap or shower gel. Begin by gently washing the curvy sex doll's face and rinse by dabbing with a clean, damp washcloth. For the rest of the doll's body, gently wash, paying particular attention to joints, under the breasts, between the legs and fingers, toes, hands and feet. It may be surprising, but sex dolls made from TPE can become quite dirty, so thorough cleaning is essential.

For easy cleaning, simply rinse the BBW sex doll, including the fixed vagina and anus, using a handheld shower head. To ensure thorough cleaning, use soapy water and a washcloth or your fingers to clean the orifices. Avoid using subjective language and exclamation points.

When using both the shower and bath, it is important to handle a wet sex doll with caution as they can become very slippery. A fall in the tub or shower could cause damage to the doll's skin, requiring repairs. It is also possible for the doll's frame to bend or break. As a result, professional maintenance will be necessary to repair any injuries.

How to Use a Sex Doll for Lifetime Fun?

To properly utilize and care for a lifelike or blow-up torso sex doll, there are various steps to follow. From choosing the right lubricants to cleaning, drying, and storage, taking care of your female sex doll is crucial in preventing any damage. By regularly maintaining your doll, you can ensure its longevity and ensure countless enjoyable experiences.

In addition, purchasing a blow-up sex doll torso can help determine if you are ready to invest in a high-quality life size sex doll made of silicone or TPE. Not quite ready for that expense? With some household items and realistic add-ons, you can even make your own DIY sex doll torso for a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, a torso sex doll is the pinnacle of sex toys, offering a realistic experience like no other.


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