Why Proper Sex Doll Care is a Must

To properly care for your sex doll torso, regular maintenance is essential. This will prevent bacteria buildup and preserve the integrity of the material, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience every time.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Sex Doll

To increase the longevity and maintain the cleanliness and attractiveness of your BBW sex doll, it is important to follow proper care instructions. This will ensure that your doll remains in top condition and fully functional for years to come, preserving its value over time.

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Sex Doll Care: Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Regular Cleaning Schedule

Proper maintenance of your big boobs sex doll involves regular cleaning after each use in order to preserve hygiene and prevent the development of bacteria and mold.

  • Cleaning Materials Needed

Sex Doll Tunnel Washer - Fill the water bottle with water and gently compress it to clear the tunnels.

Mild Soap or Gentle Cleanser - Use this to effectively eliminate stains from the torso of a sex doll.

Sex Doll Stain Remover - Apply the stain remover using a cotton swab to the stained spot and allow it to sit for 24 hours.

Soft Sponge or Soft Cloth (microfiber) - This tool can be used to apply cleaner, soap suds, or to dry the doll's torso.

Absorbent Stick for Sex Doll - Use this to dry the vagina of the sex doll's torso.

Sex Doll Mineral Powder - Apply the mineral powder after cleansing to restore the natural texture of the skin on the body.

PopTorso Tantaly deluxe cleaning kit includes most items you need for maintaining your sex doll torso.

  • External Cleaning

Method 1: To maintain the quality of the doll's skin, it is recommended to clean it gently with a soft cloth or sponge and mild soap. It is important to avoid harsh scrubbing, as it may cause damage to the material.

Method 2: Utilize a spray bottle containing a blend of mild soap and water. Gently spray the mixture onto the doll's skin and wipe away any grime with a soft cloth.

Method 3: For stubborn stains, use a small amount of life size sex doll stain remover and apply it with a cotton swab. Allow it to sit on the affected area for 24 hours before wiping it away.

  • Internal Cleaning

Method 1: Use a vaginal irrigator or douche filled with warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to ensure complete removal of soap residue.

Method 2: Utilize an enema bulb containing a mild cleansing solution. Carefully insert it into the cavity and gently squeeze to eliminate any accumulated dirt. Finish by rinsing with fresh water.

Method 3: When it comes to deep cleaning, a specialized wand designed for sex doll cleaning is recommended. Its soft, absorbent tip makes it easy to clean the interior surfaces by gently rotating it inside the cavity.

  • Drying Techniques

Method 1: Gently pat the doll dry with a soft towel to remove any surface moisture. Make sure to thoroughly air dry the doll, including all cavities, to prevent the growth of mold.

Method 2: Employ an absorbent wand specially created for sex dolls to remove moisture from internal cavities. Simply insert the wand and allow it to remain until all moisture has been absorbed.

Method 3: Utilize a fan to disperse air throughout the vicinity of the doll, accelerating the drying procedure. Confirm that the doll is situated in a location with adequate ventilation.


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