The Ultimate Care & Storage Guide for Sex Dolls!

Ideal Sex Doll Torso Storage Conditions

  • Temperature Control

Proper storage of your sex doll torso is crucial to preventing material degradation. Drastic temperatures can negatively affect the doll's material integrity, causing it to either become brittle or too soft. It is recommended to store your doll within the temperature range of 60-75°F (15-24°C) for optimal results.

  • Humidity Levels

Maintain a dry storage area to prevent mold and mildew growth. Keep humidity levels below 50% and utilize a dehumidifier to maintain ideal conditions.

PopTorso Doll Storage Options

Original Packaging

Make use of the doll's original packaging for storage; it is specifically designed to safeguard the BBW Sex Doll and maintain its shape, usually containing padding and supports to reduce stress on the joints.

Custom Storage Solutions

Explore customized storage options such as dedicated cases or boxes designed specifically for life size sex dolls to offer superior protection. Choices may include:

  • Storage Trunks: Sturdy, lockable trunks with padding provide optimal safety for the doll, keeping it protected from potential damage and dust.
  • Wardrobe Racks: The doll can be stored in a standing or hanging position on these padded racks, helping to prevent creases and deformation.
  • Under-bed Storage Boxes: Utilizing discreet boxes that easily fit under the bed, this product provides a practical solution for those with limited space.

Positioning for Storage

To prevent creases and deformation of the material, store the female sex doll in a neutral position as advised by product experts. Avoiding any potential damage, this method is scientifically proven and highly recommended.

Utilize supportive structures such as pillows or foam to preserve the doll's form while in storage.

Joyotoy Sex Dolls

Where is the Best Place to Store My Sex Doll?

For optimal preservation, it is recommended to store your doll in a cooler, dry environment away from direct sunlight. Consider utilizing either the original packaging or a personalized storage option to ensure the doll maintains its shape and condition.

How do I repair small tears or damages on my sex doll?

Potential tears on your doll can be remedied by using a TPE or silicone repair kit, based on the material of your doll. It is important to follow the provided instructions closely for optimal results.

Are you wondering how to prevent your sex doll from developing unpleasant odors?

For optimal results, use either a TPE or silicone repair kit to mend small tears on your doll's material. Make sure to follow the instructions provided closely for the best outcome.

How can I prevent my sex doll from developing bad odors?

The importance of regular and thorough cleaning, including drying, cannot be overstated. It is crucial to ensure that all areas, particularly internal cavities, are properly dried after cleaning to maintain the highest cleanliness standards.


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