The Most Adventurous and Pleasurable Sex Doll Positions Ever!

When it comes to exploring sexuality, it's important to respect boundaries and understand that a human partner is not always an option. Experimenting with different torso sex doll positions can help you learn about yourself and your desires, leading to a more fulfilling experience in the future. By trying new methods of pleasure, you can intensify the experience and create a more realistic and unique situation.

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Various Sexual Positions for Sex Dolls

Maximize your experience with sex dolls by experimenting with a variety of positions and techniques. From missionary to more exotic positions, there are countless ways to pleasure yourself with your doll. Remember to use proper support, such as cushions, to avoid damaging the doll with excessive pressure. Always handle the sex doll with care, regardless of the chosen position.


The missionary position is a traditional and common way to engage in sexual activity, especially for those new to it. When positioning your sex doll on a couch or bed, raising her leg allows for full exposure. For enhanced stimulation, consider placing a cushion under her hips. This position allows for intimate skin-to-skin contact and eye contact, bringing you closer to your life size sex doll and enhancing the experience. It may also lead to quicker orgasms and deeper penetration for maximum sexual satisfaction.


For optimal penetration during sex, standing positions are most effective for both vaginal and anal stimulation. To achieve this, simply stand behind your Doggystyle sex doll and lean her against a wall, using her extended arms for balance. Gently lift one of her legs to make it easier to enter her. When selecting a sex doll, be sure to choose a size that fits your height for the best experience. You can choose between a tall or mid-size sex doll depending on your height, or adjust the height by slightly bending the doll's knees.


If you own a male sex doll, the cowgirl position with a sex doll is perfect. It's easy to control the movement and angle while on top. Leaning forward is the most comfortable and straightforward way to penetrate. Simply recline your sex doll on the bed and you can also increase the intensity of penetration with the reverse cowgirl position.


The perfect position for smooth penetration is spooning, ideal for those who prefer gentle lovemaking with their sex doll. It is the most intimate position for sex, and your lifelike female sex doll will simulate the feeling of being with a human partner. Simply place your doll on her side with bent arms and legs, and approach from behind by lifting one of her legs. This position is particularly suitable for both anal and vaginal intercourse, especially with heavier sex dolls.

Bent Over

This is a commonly used sexual position that has been popular for years among couples. To perform it, stand near a table or bed and hold the sex doll from behind. Gently bending it at the waist, allow the doll's face to rest on the surface. With this bent-over stance, one can engage in anal, vaginal, or both forms of penetration.

The Butterfly

Experience a unique angle for stimulation and intense penetration with the butterfly position, which requires lifting your sex doll's legs and placing them on your shoulders.


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