Improve Your Sex Doll's Performance: The Best Sex Positioning Tricks

Maximize Your Experience with a Sex Doll: Tips on Positioning from an Expert

Learn how to maximize pleasure with your sex doll torso by exploring different positions. Whether you prefer traditional or more adventurous positions, understanding your doll's range of motion and articulation is key to achieving a satisfying experience. Experiment with your doll's moveable joints and limbs to find the most natural and comfortable positions for you.

To ensure safe and stable use, consider using supportive props like pillows or cushions to minimize strain on your doll's joints and limbs. Be imaginative and try variations of standard positions, including props, accessories, or role-playing, to add a new and thrilling element to your intimate experiences with your big boobs sex doll.

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Best Positions

Explore our expertly curated starter position recommendations for optimal results.

Missionary: Lay your life size sex doll on its back and position yourself on top to replicate this position. Enjoy deep penetration and intimate eye contact, fostering a strong sense of connection and closeness.

Doggy Style: For optimal positioning during intimate experiences with a BBW sex doll, it is recommended to position your female sex doll on all fours and enter from behind. To enhance pleasure, try experimenting with various angles and depths of penetration based on personal preference.

Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl: This configuration allows for maximum pleasure by placing your doll on top of you, facing towards you for cowgirl or away from you for reverse cowgirl. Additionally, this position provides effortless access to your doll's body and offers a stimulating visual experience.

Spooning: For maximum enjoyment while spooning with your sex doll, simply lay on your side and place your doll behind you, aligning its body with yours. This particular position allows for both deep penetration and a strong sense of intimacy.

Standing or Bent Over: Introduce your doll standing up or bent over a surface, such as a bed or table, and access from the back. This positioning provides a unique perspective for penetration and can bring a thrilling new element to your sexual experiences.

Proper Care for Your Sex Doll: Maintenance and Storage Guidelines

It is crucial to properly maintain and clean your sex doll in order to prolong its lifespan and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Be sure to have all the necessary supplies, including mild soap, warm water, a soft cloth, and a brush. Gently massage the doll with a dampened cloth and mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals when showering or bathing the doll to prevent damage to the skin. If there are any removable parts, such as a replaceable vagina, carefully remove and clean them with warm water and mild soap. A soft brush can be used to remove any debris or residue.

After cleaning your sex doll, it is important to thoroughly dry it using a clean and dry cloth or towel. Make sure to remove all moisture before storing it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Consider using a storage bag or case to avoid storing your doll in a compressed or folded position for extended periods. Additionally, maintain your doll's softness and prevent tackiness by applying a thin layer of talcum powder after cleaning. For a smoother experience, use a water-based lubricant to reduce friction during sex.

Provide Insight on the Misconceptions Surrounding Sex Dolls

To properly address misconceptions surrounding curvy sex dolls, one must have a thorough understanding of their place in society and the various forms of interaction they allow. These are the most prevalent misconceptions:

  • Solely Sexual Use: While sexual gratification may be a factor, sex dolls are often valued for their companionship, ability to fulfill fantasies, and even therapeutic benefits.
  • Societal Taboo: Challenging stereotypes and addressing societal stigma can promote a greater acceptance and understanding of the role sex dolls play in sexual expression.
  • Objectification: Despite common misconceptions, sex dolls are not solely used for objectification. In fact, many individuals see them as either companions or a means to safely explore their own sexuality.
  • Lack of Emotional Connection: Despite common belief, owning a sex doll does not indicate a lack of emotional connection to many individuals. On the contrary, they offer genuine companionship and fulfillment.

In order to dispel misunderstandings, it is important to educate individuals on the diverse applications of these items, encourage responsible conduct, facilitate open discussions to combat stigmas, and emphasize their advantages.


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