What You Need to Know About Sex Doll Torso Materials

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Something You Must Know About Sex Doll Materials

In the adult doll industry, TPE and silicone are the two materials most commonly utilized. In the torso doll sector, TPE predominates, accompanied by other lower-grade materials and subpar craftsmanship.

TPE, a material with decades of use, is praised for its softness and budget-friendly nature. As technology advances, dolls made of silicone have become favored over their TPE counterparts, due to their greater realism and detail.

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Why We Choose Silicone Sex Torso?

Because you deserve the best.It is that simple.

Attuned to the spirit of innovation, we alleviate you from the complexity of sham promotions and substandard encounters. We provide you with top-notch silicone sex dolls developed with luxury as a priority, all at a competitive rate.

How About TPE Sex Dolls?

TPE is a malleable and inexpensive material, but it has its drawbacks. Dark pigmentation can significantly affect the look of a body painted sex doll torso. Moreover, TPE can tear or puncture if handled roughly, and is not heat-resistant. To add, TPE sex dolls may excrete skin oil, making them tough to clean. Bear these aspects in mind when selecting a torso sex doll made from TPE.

How About Silicone Sex Dolls?

Silicone dolls have many advantages when compared to TPE alternatives, like a more realistic visual aesthetic, easy maintenance and cleaning, lasting body art, elevated heat resistance, and extended longevity. Price-wise, however, silicone torso sex dolls can become expensive, often ranging from $2500 to $6000, making it a daunting purchase for those on a budget. Additionally, silicone may feel firmer to the touch than TPE.

Sigafun Hannah SG-T-014 Chubby Curvy Life Size Love Dolls

Poptorso's Ultra-Soft Realistic Silicone Sex Torso, You Must Try!

Ultra-Soft Silicone offers a level of cushion and flexibility that exceeds traditional silicone, nearly rivaling the texture of TPE. Experience newfound pleasure with love holes made of Ultra-Soft Silicone, providing a snug yet delicate embrace.

Ultra-Soft Silicone is renowned for its capacity to retain intricate body paintings with stunning accuracy. This makes it easy to reproduce detailed patterns like blood vessels, freckles and even delicate features such as the genital region and areola. And these beautiful and intricate details stay intact on Ultra-Soft Silicone dolls for a lasting and impressive look.

We're offering a remarkable opportunity; our ultra-soft silicone can't be matched in terms of price in the market. With Poptorso you can get silicone-crafted dolls at the same cost as regular TPE dolls, creating a massive savings of over 50%. This great offer is only available right here at Poptorso - it's almost unbelievable that you can purchase a torso of this quality that was originally valued at $1000 for the same price!


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