Unlock the Secrets of the Valedictorian Sex Position

Explore the Valedictorian Sex Position, a thrilling and imaginative sexual technique perfect for couples seeking to spice up their love life. Named after the highest-ranking academic individual in a class or graduation, this position is sure to add excitement to your bedroom repertoire. Tune in to this week's edition of Weekly Sex Position for all the details. PopTorso has sex doll torso in various styles and types, allowing you to enjoy the Valedictorian Sex Position. PopTorso's plump and sexy black sex dolls, European Sex Doll and American sex dolls, and Asian sex dolls can satisfy your various sexual fantasy positions.

How to Achieve the Valedictorian Sex Position?

Recipient Partner (Usually the Female):

  • Positioning: The recipient should lay on their back with their legs bent and raised. The legs can be supported by the partner or placed on their shoulders.
  • Engagement: One way to join in is to use your hands to draw your partner closer or to pleasure yourself.
  • Communication: Effective communication between partners is essential for ensuring a mutually satisfactory experience, with room for adjustments to optimize pleasure.

Penetrating Partner (Typically the Male):

  • Support: The penetrating partner maintains a standing or kneeling position in front of the receiving partner, using their legs to provide support and adjust the depth and angle of penetration.
  • Thrusting: The thrusting motion can be customized to match the preferred speed and intensity based on mutual agreement.
  • Attention to Partner: To ensure the comfort and pleasure of the receiving partner, the penetrating partner should pay close attention to their cues and feedback. It is important to listen and be responsive in order to create a satisfying experience.

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The Valedictorian Sex Position Can be Achieved By Following These Steps:

  1. Begin in the traditional missionary position to ease into your routine and allow your partner's vaginal muscles to loosen and create more space.
  2. When she is adequately prepared and ready, sit back and raise her legs in front of you.
  3. Utilize a professional approach by instructing the user to separate their legs into a wide "V" shape and gradually apply pressure, extending them forward. This technique shortens the vaginal canal, allowing even those of smaller stature to reach deeper areas.
  4. Assuming the role of a product or industry expert, the following steps can be followed. Begin by leaning towards her, positioning yourself as close as possible. Place your hands on the bed while allowing her parted legs to rest against the crease between your forearms and biceps. Another option is for her to secure her ankles or thighs (if possible), or embrace your neck and draw you closer.
  5. To use this position effectively, focus on grinding against your partner's clit while staying inside. This may require lifting yourself higher for contact, but the benefits of the grind will result in more powerful results.

Expert Tips for the Valedictorian Sex Position

Communication and Consent

Prior to attempting this position, it is crucial to openly discuss boundaries and consent with your partner. It is essential for both parties to be in agreement and comfortable with partaking in this type of sexual activity.

Use Lubricant

Add comfort and enhance pleasure for both partners by using a lubricant, especially during instances of deep penetration.

Take Breaks

As a product or industry expert, it is crucial to take necessary breaks when engaging in this physically demanding position. Consider incorporating moments of deep breathing or switching positions to alleviate any strains or discomfort.

Use Pillows

The use of pillows or cushions under your hips or thighs can effectively elevate and support your body, facilitating your partner's ability to maintain the position. This can be achieved by adding percentage facts or numbers to your posture, resulting in a more stable and comfortable experience.

Experiment with Variations

Consider adjusting the position to better suit your individual needs and preferences. Small changes can greatly improve comfort and enjoyment.


Enhance the experience of your sex life with The Valedictorian Sex Position. This twist on cowgirl provides both partners with control, intimacy, and pleasure. Try it tonight to add a new dimension of creativity and sensuality to your intimate moments.


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