The Best Sex Position Ever: Woman Astride Sex Position

Join us for this week's installment of PopTorso's exploration of sex positions as we delve into the Woman Astride Sex Position. A beloved choice for couples, this position promotes intimacy and empowers the woman in the partnership. It's perfect for those who desire a balance of emotional connection and physical satisfaction, granting the woman control over the pace and depth of penetration. PopTorso has various styles and types of sex doll torso that allow you to fully experience the Woman Astride Sex Position. Our big butt sex dolls, big breast sex dolls, Doggystyle sex dolls, etc. are the best sex dolls to try the Woman Astride Sex Position.

How to Master the Woman Astride Sex Position

Preparation: Create a conducive and comfortable environment with ample cushioning for both participants. The male individual should assume a supine position.

Positioning: The woman assumes a position above the man, straddling him with the option to face towards or away from his face based on the chosen variation.

Engagement: The woman carefully positions herself on top of the man, adjusting the depth and pace of penetration. She can keep her feet on the bed or bend her knees, whichever is more comfortable.

Movement: When feeling at ease, the woman has the freedom to initiate movement or rotate her hips, allowing her to control the pace and potentially enhance enjoyment.

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Woman Astride Sex Position Safety Tips

  • Start Slowly: To ensure comfort and prevent any potential injury, start with gentle movements.
  • Use Lubrication: For enhanced comfort and reduced friction, it is recommended to utilize a suitable lubricant.
  • Check for Stability: Ensure that the surface you are standing or moving on is sturdy and secure to prevent slipping.

Benefits of Using the Woman Astride Sex Position

  • Empowerment and Control

This role gives women control over the depth and speed of penetration, empowering them to discover what is most pleasurable and potentially enhancing their sexual encounters.

  • Boosted Intimacy

The act of facing each other directly adds to emotional bonding, allowing for the exchange of kisses, eye contact, and affectionate gestures, and ultimately deepening the intimacy between two partners.

Maximizing Pleasure in the Woman Astride Sex Position

  • Open Communication

Talk It Out: To fully enjoy intimacy, it is important to communicate before, during, and after. Take the time to discuss likes and dislikes and make changes if needed for a better experience. It is also beneficial to have open feedback, allowing for adjustments based on your partner's reactions.

  • Manual Stimulation

Pleasure Enhancements: The man can enhance the experience by providing clitoral stimulation while the woman controls the movement. Using additional sex toys, such as vibrators, can also stimulate both partners at once for even more pleasure.


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