Tips for Repairing Your TPE Sex Dolls

In this blog, we will teach you how to effectively repair indentations, tears, and abrasions on the skin surface of your TPE sex dolls. By following these instructions, your love dolls will look as good as new in no time.

How to fix pressure marks on your lifelike doll

Sex doll torso may develop indentations from objects placed on their surface, or from being positioned incorrectly.

  • A Hot Towel

Follow these instructions: First, apply a clean, hot towel to the indentation for a period of time. Next, put on white gloves and gently pat the dent until it disappears. This method is highly effective for removing indentations.

  • Hairdryer

To remove pressure marks and dents from the surface of the life size sex doll, cover them with a white damp cloth and apply heat. Over time, the marks and dents will gradually disappear.

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How to fix the tears and abrasions in TPE sex dolls

Sharp objects can pose a structural hazard and potentially cause damage to love dolls if used improperly. It is important to handle them with care to avoid accidental cuts.

  • TPE Repair Solvent

TPE Repair Solvent is specifically designed for repairing skin damage on TPE love dolls. Its unique formulation effectively melts the TPE surface, allowing for seamless bonding between the damaged areas when closed.

How to Use:
1. To effectively cleanse the wound, gently wipe the surface area with a damp cloth to remove any debris and excess oils.
2. Using your fingers, open the wound and then gently apply TPE Repair Solvent to the inner surface using the Cotton Swab provided. Make sure to apply a thin coating for optimal results.
3. Align the wound and hold it closed for several minutes to allow the TPE Repair Solvent to melt the wound. Keep holding the wound until it cannot bounce back.
4. After closing, let the wound heal for 24 hours. Position the doll correctly to prevent any tension on the wound during healing.

1. Be cautious when using TPE Repair Solvent as it can be highly damaging to TPE material. Avoid over-application to your doll.
2. Always carefully and precisely apply the TPE Repair Solvent, avoiding any pouring or dropping.
3. The preferred method for application of the repair solvent is through the use of cotton swabs or toothpicks.

  • Heat Gun

An infrared gun with a temperature sensor is recommended for treating general abrasions. This will allow you to monitor the temperature feed in real-time for optimal results.

How to Use:

  1. Prep the skin with baby oil or Vaseline to evenly spread the heat.
  2. Avoid burning the female sex doll with a heat gun by applying oil as a protective layer.
  3. To properly treat a wound on the skin, experts advise wearing a mask and directing the heat gun at the affected area from a distance of about four inches. This method helps ensure effective healing without any potential risks.
  4. Achieve your desired temperature by heating your TPE love doll. The melting temperature is approximately 110 degrees Celsius, which will result in a mirror-like finish. Stop heating once you notice the intensity of the fumes dissipating.
    Tip: For best results, we recommend testing a small piece of TPE material before heating your doll's skin. You can purchase TPE material from a trusted supplier of sex dolls. This will allow you to determine the melting temperature of the material and become familiar with the appropriate heat gun parameters.
  5. The cloth can be used to carefully wipe away any rough abrasions. It is important to work quickly as the temperature will drop rapidly, giving you only 30 seconds to smooth out the abrasion. The key to achieving a refined finish is to continuously repeat the heating and cooling process. Each iteration of this procedure will result in a smoother skin surface.
    Tip: To maintain the quality of your TPE doll, remember to reapply oil after every use. The repeated heating and cooling process may cause it to dry out, so regular oiling is necessary.
  6. When finishing up, add powder for a flawless look. These techniques are great for repairing neck or leg damage, arm tears, and general wear and tear. For small cuts and tears on the doll's face, experienced individuals can also follow a similar process to mend them. However, for inexperienced users, it is recommended to purchase a new head for the sex doll.


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