How to Keep Your TPE Sex Doll Eyelashes Looking Flawless

Are you looking to revamp your TPE sex doll's appearance but unsure of where to begin? As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, making it the ideal starting point. With highly customizable features, TPE torso sex dolls are endlessly versatile, including the option to add lifelike eyelashes.

At PopTorso, we offer TPE sex dolls with pre-installed eyelashes that can be changed at your convenience. Our collection of high-quality sex dolls guarantees the perfect companion for a steamy night. Whether your doll's eyelashes have worn off or you simply desire a new look, this guide will provide all the necessary information on how to replace eyelashes on your TPE sex doll. Let's delve in and give your doll a fresh new allure!

How to Take Out Eyelashes on a TPE Sex Doll

Gently remove your life size sex doll's delicate eyelashes without harming the skin by using baby oil to dissolve the glue, followed by removal using eyelash tweezers (any type will work). It is important to handle the eyes with care to avoid any damage.

Climax Sex Doll Torso Hazel

Step-by-Step Guide for Replacing Eyelashes on a TPE Sex Doll

For the installation of eyelashes on a TPE sex doll, additional materials are required. Fortunately, the process is simple and budget-friendly. False eyelashes can be purchased separately according to personal preference. However, it is essential to use a specific eyelash glue made for sex dolls to prevent any damage to the eyes. The following is a step-by-step guide for the process:

  • After removing the old eyelashes, carefully clean the area to eliminate any lingering residue from the previous adhesive.
  • Unleash your adventurous spirit with eyelash repair! Trim your eyelashes to your desired length and fulfill your wildest desires.
  • Spread the adhesive along the entire length of the eyelash band, then securely attach the lashes using your fingers or tweezers. Continuously refer to the following instructions to ensure a precise and professional application.
  • After allowing the glue to fully dry, you are then able to manipulate your TPE sex doll. This is the perfect opportunity to give her a refreshed appearance, such as experimenting with different types of eyeliner.

Follow these instructions to properly maintain the eyelashes on your TPE sex doll.

Choose from a variety of eyelashes for your sex doll torso to change her appearance each day. But once you've found the perfect look, make sure to properly care for and avoid damaging her lashes when styling.


Enhance your TPE sex doll customization skills by learning how to easily remove and apply eyelashes with the help of our eyelash replacement guide. Each PopTorso TPE sex doll includes long-lasting, pre-installed eyelashes, but knowing how to replace them is a valuable technique. Purchase your desired companion today and personalize it to your preferences!


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