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For the individual seeking a unparalleled masturbatory experience, our collection of anal masturbator is the perfect choice. Looking for something different? Want more sensation than the hand can offer? Our realistic, stimulating anal sex dolls options will give you just that. Unsure which one is the right fit for you? Here, we'll provide the details on the assortment of options, how to find one sex doll torso that suits your needs and size, and how to care for your new companion.

What is an Anal Masturbator?

Masturbatory simulations of the mouth and vagina have been available for decades, with sleeves, pocket pussies, strokers, and the iconic Fleshlight. For guys interested in the tighter sensation of anal penetration, anal masturbators offer a tantalizing alternative. These pleasure tools look like a realistic butt and provide the same gripping and thrusting experience as other masturbator types, with the added bonus of a realistic butt shape. They come in hollow plastic shells, with an interior made of molded TPE & Silicone.

Anal masturbators are designed with an anus opening to bring a unique and taboo experience to users. Featuring lifelike textures and realistic details, these handheld strokers provide an immersive and pleasurable anal sex simulation. Consumers can find masturbators with a generic design, or opt for a product modeled after an adult film star or other character. Full size anal masturbators may feature an entire simulated butt or even a penis for added enjoyment. For additional stimulation, many anal masturbators come with rechargeable vibration and thrusting functions.

Why are Anal Masturbators So Pleasurable?

Anal masturbators offer a revolutionary and incredible experience. When exploring the rear entrance, users experience tightness and resistance that mimics the same sensations of anal sex. To enhance the pleasure, there are a range of materials, textures, and add-ons to choose from. Compared to vaginal sleeves, anal masturbators provide a higher level of intensity. Sanitary and with minimal preparation required, features like vibration, suction, and warmth make anal masturbators the preferred choice for achieving sensational and satisfying climaxes.

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