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Tantaly is a sex toy provider that specializes in the production of premium sex dolls. Their lifelike dolls come in various sizes and configurations, from full-bodied to torso & ass models, and are designed to provide an immersive experience. You'll never have to worry about , Tantaly doll being made of 100% medical grade TPE is used. Plus, with prices starting around a couple hundred dollars, you get great value for your money! Choose from a variety of full-sized ass masturbators and sex doll torsos, including "male" and "shemale" models, that'll make your solo or partner sessions more stimulating. With Tantaly, you can get a realistic full-sized doll at half (sometimes even a quarter!) of the price.

Our Tantaly Dolls DE Warehouse is in Germany, and the countries that can be shipped are: Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, non-EU countries including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and the United Kingdom.
Our German Warehouse: DEBR2 Warehouse
Address: C/O Senator-Blase-Straße 13, 28197, Bremen

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