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Starpery - Silicone Sex Doll & TPE Hybrid Love Dolls Adult Toys Shop

It is believed that a goddess resides within each heart, and it is this belief that catalyzed the birth of Starpery. Starpery Doll strive to enhance the physical and user experience of realistic dolls, while lowering the financial barrier to entry. Ultimately, we desire to bring companionship and joy to those who cherish our product. Currently, our sights are fixed on the international market. Starpery look forward to forming connections worldwide and working together to fulfill our mission of serving and assisting humankind.

Starpery Dolls are available with a TPE or silicone body. TPE is more cost-effective, while silicone provides a more realistic, firmer feel, as well as more resilient makeup. Additionally, Starpery real dolls are one of the few brands that provide articulated hands - at an extra cost. There are minimal complaints regarding Starpery Sex Doll's manufacturing and construction. These sex doll torso have distinctive features such as Tanlines, moles, and veins. If you'd like to customize your order with no veins or other requests, you can input it in the ordering form.

In October 2021, Starpery Love Doll unveiled their new metal skeleton gear, boasting increased resistance and consistency in joints. This new upgrade grants their female sex dolls a greater range of motion, compared to prior iterations. Additionally, for silicone bodies only, Starpery offers their new gel-butt feature; however, extra care must be taken when storing the doll with this option. Direct pressure on the butt will cause deformation.

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