How to Reverse Scoop with Maximum Pleasure

What is Reverse Scoop?

The Reverse Scoop sexual position is an intimate and pleasurable experience that facilitates a strong connection between partners. The giver lies on their back, with their feet flat on the ground, while the receiver lies on their stomach, their pelvis elevated. This position permits deeper penetration and enhances body contact. It is a variation of the popular spooning position.'s sex doll torso is very suitable for you to experience Reversing Scoop's sexual posture. The life size sex dolls we have, big boobs sex dolls and big ass sex dolls are very suitable for Reversing Scoop. What are you waiting for?

What's The Benefits of Reverse Scoop?

The Reverse Scoop offers numerous advantages for those who appreciate it:

  1. Deeper penetration: The positioning of the body enables further insertion, which can heighten gratification for the person being penetrated.
  2. Enhanced intimacy: Being in close proximity and having direct eye contact during intercourse can foster a greater sense of intimacy, leading to a more intense sexual experience.
  3. Varied stimulation: This device provides multiple pleasure sensations through its ability to adjust the stimulation of the vagina and anus.
  4. Enhanced communication: The receiver can provide more direct feedback to the giver by laying on their stomach, resulting in a more intimate and rewarding experience.

Reverse Scoop

How To Try Scoop Sex Positions?

  • Experiment with your digits: Spooning can be an especially intimate experience in the early morning and late evening hours, when you're less alert and your nether regions are relaxed. Stimulate your vagina and clitoris first thing in the morning, or have your partner do so as they become aroused. This can create a heightened arousal that provides unique pleasure.
  • Add lube: Lubricant is a reliable option for nearly any sexual experience, enhancing sensations and making it much more enjoyable. This can be especially beneficial when a person is not naturally aroused (such as in the morning or after a stressful day) or when engaging in positions like spooning that require close contact. The use of a personal lubricant can make a world of difference in such scenarios.
  • Move with your hips: Sure, you have easy access to your partner's upper and lower body, and can quickly engage in physical affections. But you're also in the optimal spot to pay attention to each other's hip bones, a delectable erogenous zone for many. A simple squeeze of the hips from both parties is sure to send a delightful tingle to each of your preferred areas.
  • Explore the effects of leg positioning: Spooning sex is a popular position, but it can be a bit boring. Get more creative with your legs! Lift one up to the ceiling, bend one and place your foot atop your other shin, or bend both knees drastically - all of these will change the sensation for you! You might even experience a fuller feeling. Be adventurous and make the most of your sexy session!

How To Perfrom Reverse Scoop?

To execute the Reverse Scoop position, take the following steps:

  1. The individual should recline on their back, keeping their feet flat on the surface beneath them.
  2. The user should recline in a face-down position, with their hips elevated.
  3. The giver can enter the receiver from behind, optimizing the angle of penetration for comfort and arousal.
  4. The receiver can use their partner's legs for stability or increase the intensity of the session by rotating their hips.
  5. This position can be customized to fit customers' unique requirements, including adjusting the depth of penetration and incorporating auxiliary arousal methods like oral sex or clitoral stimulation.


The Reverse Scoop sexual position offers partners a chance to dive into a more intimate level of connection and fortify the bond in the bedroom. It can easily become a regular part of the couple's sexual activities or an interesting addition meant to add some sizzle to their love life. What do you say? Try it out tonight.


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