The Best Strategies for Using a Male Sex Doll Torso

Male sex dolls commonly come with a built-in masturbator sleeve and often boast a ridable dildo shaft. Some male dolls even have realistic-feeling testicles and flesh to give a more lifelike experience. Penetrate the anus or ride the dildo to reach your desired pleasure. Many duos also enjoy including male sex dolls in their bedroom fun.

Employ lubrication

Acquire a water-based lubricant to facilitate an easy glide.

Utilizing a condom is recommended

Many male sex dolls are produced from TPE material, which is porous and contains microscopic openings that can't be completely sterilized and may attract bacteria and mildew if left unchecked. To ensure your male TPE sex doll remains in good condition, it is recommended that a non-lubricated condom is utilized.

Examine various positions

Depending on their size and construction, male life size sex dolls offer varying levels of versatility in terms of sexual positions. Full-size models generally offer the greatest range.

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How to clean Male Sex Toy Torso?

Whatever male sex toy you have, it is critical to sanitize it completely post-use. Many life like male sex toys are constructed with soft and permeable materials — perfect for bacteria growth. Ensure you properly clean and dry them before storing. We recommend using a condom with these porous toys, since it is impossible to clean them entirely. Check out our informational infographic for more details on how to clean your sex toy.

Porous materials

Small particles and bacteria are able to infiltrate the exterior of materials like soft plastic, hard plastic, jelly, rubber, and Cyberskin, rendering them impossible to sterilize completely.

Hence, it's advisable to utilize a condom when using these sex toys, especially when sharing. Clean utilizing a mild soapy water and dry delicately with a cloth. As such materials are more delicate, be sure to handle them lightly and make sure the toys are totally dry prior to storing.

Non-propous materials

Soap and warm water can be utilized to clean silicone, glass, stainless steel, and certain hard plastics. Exercise caution when employing this approach with toys containing electrical components.

Boiling is a suitable method for sterilizing silicone and stainless steel toys without electrical components.

The toys featuring electrical components

When cleaning toys with electrical components, look to the instructions included for guidance. Gently wipe with a cloth and soap or use a sex toy cleaner/cleaning wipe, ensuring that no water reaches the electrical bits.


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