Buying Guide: Way to Buy a Male Sex Doll For Women?

Men Sex Toy Shopping Guide

Not sure what characteristics to seek out when purchasing your new male sex doll? Not to worry - I can help! Here are the key things to contemplate when selecting your new companion!


Most male sex dolls are crafted out of TPE, a material that is more budget-friendly and lifelike than silicone. Unfortunately, TPE is also porous and can't be properly sanitized. This can cause bacteria, mold, and other problems when used with items that enter the body, like dildos. A non-lubricated condom should be used over the TPE sex doll's penis for safety.

Silicone is the superior choice for a sex doll due to its non-porous, non-toxic, and long lasting characteristics. However, it can be harder to acquire and costlier than other materials.

Overall size

Are you in the market for a life-like, full-sized male sex doll or would a torso-only model suffice?

Irontech Doll Kelvin Realistic TPE Male Big Dildo Love Doll Torso

Life size sex dolls:

appear more realistic
Provide multiple avenues of sexual activity.
Cost more
are harder to maneuver
consume additional storage capacity

Sex doll torsos:

cost less
are simpler to transport
occupy less area in storage
are not as accurate
Suitable for select positions only


Take into account the amount of weight you can manage to lift every time you intend to employ your male sex doll. Even torsos can be quite substantial, so ensure to check the weight prior to purchasing!

Penis dimension

If you have special needs regarding the size and circumference of the shaft, make sure to review that. Several male sex dolls feature long shafts which may make those preferring shorter dildos uneasy.


In general, the larger the male doll, the higher the cost, yet there is diversity in prices between brands, prompting shoppers to compare prices to get optimal value.

Extra features

If you're seeking full customisation, you'll want to shop for a full-size male doll. Sex doll torso come with extra features such as vibrations and speaking capabilities.

Functional anal Passage

If you plan to utilize your male sex doll for a three-person experience, be certain to select one featuring a functional anal canal for penetration with a penis or dildo.


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