Care and Maintenance Guide for Sex Doll Torso:

How to clean & dry & care for sex doll torsos?

sex doll torsos are consumable but can last longer if cleaned and cared for properly. In the long run, it's best to clean your sex doll torso very carefully! It's a super effective way to clean/dry/condition your torso so you can enjoy it effortlessly.

Step 1: Prep the Sex Toy Cleaner

After sex, the first thing to do is not just wash, but prep the cleanser first. Why do I have to use toy cleaner? Men's semen is actually very difficult to wash off. Cannot be washed with water alone, it will be very sticky. If you haven't ejaculated into the tunnel yet, you can clean the inside with just water. So what kind of vacuum cleaner is suitable for us to clean? It is recommended to use a neutral detergent, such as shower gel, and it is best to use a professional sex toy cleaner. Try not to use soap as most soaps are weakly alkaline and will damage the material. In addition, do not use alcohol to clean the doll's torso, because ethanol has a certain solubility, which will corrode the surface of TPE sex dolls and form pits invisible to the naked eye, resulting in bacteria residue. It's also not good to put body wash directly into the tunnel since most body washes are semi-solid milk. You also know that the interior of the tunnel can be said to be intricate. If the shower gel is directly squeezed in, the dish soap is likely to get stuck in a certain groove, causing bacteria to grow, so be sure to squeeze the shower gel into an empty container first, then add an appropriate amount of water, shake well And will be submerged in bubble water so no residue will be left when cleaning the sex doll's tunnel.

Step 2: Start Cleaning

Once the bubbling water is ready, it's time to start cleaning the tunnel. How to clean it properly? Remember, the nails should not be too long before cleaning. It is best to trim it first, otherwise, it is easy to scratch the tunnel and cause bacteria to grow in the hole. Remember to wash it with cold water as much as possible, otherwise, the water temperature is too high and may dissolve the TPE. Roughly rinse the semen and lubricating fluid inside, then pour the bubbling water into the tunnel, reach in, and scrub every groove on the inner wall with your fingertips. After finishing each corner, you can align the hole with the faucet, and pour clean water to rinse off the foam, while reaching in and scrubbing, make sure every corner inside is free of sticky walls. The sticky feeling has completely disappeared, otherwise, if there is any detergent, lubricating fluid, or even semen left in it, it is likely to be smelly and moldy the next time you use it.

Step 3: Let Your Doll Dry

Gently open the holes in the channel, shake out as much water as possible, then dry the outside of the Life-size sex dolls with a clean dry cloth or napkin. You may want to ask, if the inside is still very wet, what should I do if it dries in a short time? You need to use professional utensils - absorbent wands. Diatomaceous earth is a sedimentary rock that forms when diatoms die. It is non-toxic and tasteless. Currently widely used in building materials and kitchen utensils. It is also widely used for moisture absorption of masturbators/sex dolls due to its high water absorption. Therefore, just insert the diatomaceous earth moisture-absorbing stick into the bottom of the tunnel and press it on the outside of the tunnel to fully absorb the moisture from all corners of the inner wall (but be careful not to break the moisture-absorbing stick). After about 3 to 5 minutes, it is almost absorbed. It can be pulled out. Remember not to leave it for too long or even overnight, because if the diatomaceous earth absorbs the oil of TPE excessively, it may affect its water absorption function. After pulling out, the moisture-absorbing stick can be placed indoors to allow its moisture to evaporate automatically, and then it can continue to be used repeatedly.

Step 4: Subsequent maintenance

After the torso doll is dry, it cannot be put into the drawer directly. It must be placed in a ventilated place indoors for several hours to about half a day to completely evaporate the water vapor on the surface. It should be noted that the doll must not be placed on the balcony to dry, because the overheated sunlight will deteriorate or even dissolve the doll. After drying, if you want to make the doll last longer, you must not miss the next step, which is to sprinkle baby powder or raw powder on the surface of the doll to reduce the greasy and sticky feeling. No need to sprinkle too much or thickly, just spread evenly with your fingertips to cover the surface of your female sex dolls! you can safely.


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