April News -The Latest Cheap Sex Doll Torso Brand Yeloly In PopTorso

This is a new month, so what interesting things will PopTorso bring us in April?
After a few weeks of events in the past few weeks, things have inevitably slowed down. This week, PopTorso updated the new sex doll brand and some new-style sex doll trunks. April is another typical month in the sex doll industry. It should not be late, the following are some highlights that you can't miss this week.

Cheap Sex Doll Torso Store Yeloly | Super Realistic Adult Love Toys

Yeloly Fenny - Realistic Life Size Female Butt Torso Male Stroker Sex Toy

Yeloly Fenny Real Female Big Booty Love Doll Torso Real Sex Dolls

Lifelike female big booty love doll torso Yeloly Fenny perfectly replicates the look and feel of a woman’s curvy body. You can see the colors make it look realistic. Its generous curves, slim waist, and two textured orifices are perfect for enjoying a sensual solo moment. Fenny Yeloly's vagina has a delightful inner texture that feels like the true thing, while the anus has realistic ribbing that will deeply massage your most sensitive area.

Yeloly Daniel - Lifelike Male Realistic Dildo Torso Love Doll Women Masturbation Gay Sex Toy

Yeloly Daniel Realistic Big Dildo Male Penis Torso Sex Doll

Male torso sex doll realistic dildo gay love dolls Yeloly Daniel with great body design-the muscles, glans, vessels in the penis, and two testicles are so real. This torso doll is absolutely perfect at letting you take control without moving out of place at the very key possible moment. The distinctly textured torso is created to be as realistic as possible, This male masturbator makes every inch count with his full muscles, giant glans, and naughty puckered asshole. Every detail is just for you to enjoy more real sex.

Yeloly Salome - Lifelike Real-Size Love Doll Torso with Vagina Anal Breasts Male Sex Toys

Yeloly Salome Life Size Big Breast Booty Love Doll Torso

Life-size big breast booty sex doll torso Yeloly Salome 1:1 scaled according to the figure of a charming mature female, with a perfect female figure and exquisite body curves. Salome Yeloly sex doll for men has a double tunnel design with a super stretchy vagina and a tight anus for you to choose from.


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