What are the most popular sex doll torso types ?

The advantage of a torso sex toy is that it provides all the benefits of a full-sized sex doll at a fraction of the cost and risk. For example, they come in as many varieties as human-sized sex dolls. They are manufactured in different body parts breasts, buttocks, pussy, size, eyes, hair and skin tone, type, etc. to suit other preferences. They can be even more diverse, as they can feature body parts from characters from people's fictional fantasies, such as fairy ears, anime eyes, and more. Sex doll torsos have grown in popularity in recent years, and the market now offers buyers a wide variety of types to choose from.

Top 1: Big Boobs Sex Doll Torso

Big boobs doll torsos are the curviest sex doll torsos with huge breasts, any doll torso with breasts larger than a DD cup size would fit into this category. Big tit sex doll torsos are one of the pleasures in life, now you can live out your wildest fantasies with our huge tit sex doll boobs. We have the most amazing busty sex female big boob sex dolls, huge tits, plump round boobs, and huge smooth asses, these big boob sex dolls are made of durable materials and feel as lifelike as you can imagine. If you love sucking on busty dolls, then you really shouldn't miss these busty sex dolls, they will be your first choice, they will be great sex companions that will bring you great sensual pleasure!

Top 2: Big Ass Sex Doll Torso

A big ass sex doll torso is more than just a tight, round ass. This type of doll torso has the look of a mature woman with a sexy big ass and lets you try doggy style, pushcart, magic mountain, cowboy, and more. Big ass doll torso can provide both vaginal and anal sex experience. It is made of soft and highly elastic TPE and TPR material, which can shake like a real woman's butt. You can grab or slap the bad girl's fat ass and feel sensual and sexy, which is a real experience that cannot be achieved with traditional male masturbators. With a big ass sex doll torso, you get all the benefits of a full butt and a delicate, easy-to-handle sex doll.

Top 3: Life-size Sex Doll Torso

A body part torso sex doll equipped with a durable life-size metal skeleton, known as a life-size sex doll torso. The skin of these life-size sex dolls is soft and comfortable, as shiny as a real woman's skin, and even more beautiful than a real woman's skin. Life-size sex dolls are highly visually appealing for real feelings. The life-size sex doll torso can be like a real person, with rich expressions, dynamic eyes, mouth, arms, and more. Life-size sex doll torsos aren't just a toy, they're a work of art, too. These life-size sex doll torsos can help people with a variety of different needs, whether you want a more realistic sex experience or a companion for company. The real sex doll torso allows you to experience real sex and pleasure from it.

Top 4: Vibrating Sucking Sex Doll Torso

The vibrating sucking sex doll torso is the latest developed torso sex doll type, with fully automatic sucking and vibration functions, equipped with a wireless remote control, freeing your hands. When your penis is inserted into the vagina of the vibrating and sucking sex doll's torso, the fully automatic function will bring you unprecedented pleasure and stimulation. Are you excited? The double stimulation of sucking and vibrating rubs against your sensitive penis to achieve orgasm like never before. Vibrating sex dolls are also easier to clean after use, as they have three modes of vibrating, suction, and exhaust. It can better improve your sexual life efficiency and enhance your sexual life experience at the same time! If you like automatic sex doll torsos and automatic big ass torsos, POPTORSO vibrating sucking sex doll series must be something you can't miss.


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