How to Achieve Blended Orgasms: Expert Tips

Did ya know a gal can have two kinds of climaxes from places in her bod? It has been reported that women may be able to experience multiple orgasms from separate areas of their body.Of course you can test this idea on a female sex doll torso.

It's rare, but it does happen - leading to something medical researchers refer to as a blended orgasm. Research on this phenomenon has even been published! Often, the orgasmic experiences interact, intensifying pleasure. A blended O can be likened to a regular orgasm that's been amplified and modified by other substances. Researchers describe the outcome as a "prolonged climax lasting from 1 to 15 minutes." (We're sure participating in such a study must have been quite an experience!)

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Attaining blended orgasms requires finesse and care, yet is achievable.

Experts concur that achieving blended orgasms is most easily accomplished with stimulation of the G-Spot and clitoris. Anal and nipple stimulation, while possible, require greater effort to achieve a blended O.

Maintaining a missionary-style position and adding a bolster under your hips can create a stimulation "sweet spot" for maximum pleasure. Your partner can focus on your G-Spot and nipples while you can simultaneously stimulate your clitoris and backdoor with vibrators, allowing for comprehensive stimulation of all your erogenous zones. Sexperts indicate this is a great way to maximize your enjoyment.

Maintaining simultaneous arousal of two erogenous zones is the key to achieving a blended orgasm. This process is complex and can be difficult to master; many find it challenging enough to experience even one climax. Knowing when you are nearing the peak of arousal and being able to identify which body part is responding is the crucial element. It is a careful balancing act: too much stimulation of one area may prevent climaxing in the other. Therefore, one may need to take a break from stimulating one area to allow the other to catch up.

You can take advantage of your orgasm triggers to amplify sensation and increase pleasure. Experimentation is key to identify what works for you; this may include simple things like someone slapping your bottom or blowing on your clitoris at the right moment.

You'll have plenty of leisure to explore in pursuit of the hard-to-reach blended orgasm. The journey itself can be nearly as enjoyable as the final result.


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