The Riskiest Sex Position Challenge: Butter Churner!

If you're intrigued by the Butter Churner sexual position, there's no doubt: It's as demanding as it sounds. This position gained fame after Love Island UK, when participant Callum stated it was his go-to. Although demanding positions don't always make the best sex, it can be enjoyable for those who enjoy physical challenges - plus some serious yoga skills. The receiver is required to literally stand on their shoulders, with the penetrator 'churning' them with their strokes. “You are the bucket, being 'churned' with their thrust,” says kink educator and sex specialist Julieta Chiaramonte. Use the PopTorso sex doll torso to experience the most challenging sexual posture Butter Churner!

What Exactly is the Butter Churner?

This advanced sexual posture is one where the recipient lies on their back and lifts the lower body and legs, using their neck, arms, and torso for stability. Certified sex educator Linnea Marie explains that the member of the couple being penetrated crosses their legs in front of the other partner and that person dives down and enters them. This works for both vaginal and anal penetration. The resulting figure is a modified version of the Piledriver position. However, there is a key difference - whereas the original lifts the receiver's legs behind their head, the Butter Churner requires the legs are crossed in front and elevated in an almost full-shoulder stand.

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How to Do the Butter Churner Sex Position?

Lie back, raising and folding your legs so that your ankles rest on either side of your head. As your partner squats and moves their penis or toy in and out of your vagina, indulge in the sensations of increased blood flow to the head. For an added layer of intensity, have your partner trickle chocolate syrup or another sweet treat into your mouth for a sensational experience.Our big ass sex doll is very suitable for you to experience butter churner sexual position.

The Butter Churner is an invigorating and distinct intercourse stance that can bring an additional degree of enthusiasm and variety to your regular physical exchanges. This position is particularly gratifying for partners who appreciate deep penetration and strong sensations.

In order to qualify for the Butter Churner role, individuals should adhere to the following procedure:

  1. Begin by having the receiver rest on their back with knees bent and legs raised, with their feet flat on the bed or surface.
  2. The penetrating partner then assumes a standing or kneeling position opposite the receiving partner's feet. Holding onto the receiving partner's legs for stability, they can use their hands as support.
  3. The recipient can utilize their hands to grip their own legs or rest them on the penetrator's hips for further balance and command.
  4. Once the partners are set up, the penetrating partner can gradually penetrate the receiving partner. This position facilitates deep penetration and can be tweaked to find the most satisfactory angle for both partners.
  5. To optimize the experience, the penetrating partner can adjust the thrusting patterns and velocities. Dialogue and responses from both partners are necessary to verify optimal satisfaction and comfort.

It's significant to remember that individual tastes can vary when it comes to sexual positioning. Maintaining an open dialogue between partners is pivotal for both people to experience comfort and pleasure.


Prioritize mutual pleasure, consent, and respect in sexual activities. If at any point something is uncomfortable or painful, talk about it and adjust. The Butter Churner is just one of many sex positions couples can explore to keep intimate life stimulating and fulfilling. Experiment and find what works best. Have fun and explore the bedroom each week!


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