The Absolute Best Sex Position: The Corkscrew

Welcome to the latest installment of our weekly exploration into exciting sex positions. This blog we'll be introducing the "Corkscrew" - a unique and thrilling way to bring a new level of pleasure and intimacy to your relationships. Learn how to perform this stimulating position and enjoy the amazing results it can bring. Poptorso offers various types of sex doll torso so you can enjoy Corkscrew sex positions.

What is the Corkscrew Sex Position?

The corkscrew is a sexual position that can be entered into with ease. To begin, the partner receiving penetration lies flat on their back while the inserting partner kneels and places one of the receiving partner's legs over their own. The receiving partner then twists toward the leg that is positioned over the inserting partner and lifts the other leg, clasping it around the inserting partner's midsection. The inserting partner can maintain the leg's placement with their own hands.

corkscrew sex position

What are the Benefits of the Corkscrew Position?

The corkscrew sex position is easy to get into for couples. The receiving partner lies on their back and the inserting partner straddles one of their thighs while they are on their knees. They then twist toward the partner's straddled leg, lifting their free leg to hook around the waist of the other. For stability, the inserting partner can hold the wrapped leg in place. According to Dr. Lee Phillips, a certified sex and couple's therapist, this position boasts a number of advantages. For instance, the G-spot may be stimulated due to the twisted angle. Additionally, when the receiving partner keeps their legs together tightly, it creates a firmer grip on the penis, enhancing sensation for the inserting partner. The trans sex doll is perfect for couples trying out Corkscrew sex positions.

The twisting motion of the corkscrew position and its unique angle can create diverse sensations. Phillips notes that this is why it's considered more pleasurable than the missionary position. Moreover, you can enjoy eye contact and a hot view, if you're a visual lover, says O'Reilly. Plus, the penetrating partner can stimulate their partner's clitoris or massage their breasts/nipples. This sex position works well with anal penetration, too, which is an additional perk. Additionally, you can experiment with power dynamics in the corkscrew position, granting either partner control. O'Reilly elaborates that the bottom partner can take physical control and the upper partner can restrain the bottom with their hands or ties.

How to Do Corkscrew:

  1. Begin the Corkscrew position by lying on your back with legs apart.
  2. Lift your legs: Elevate your legs and flex your knees, taking them up towards your stomach.
  3. Position: Partner should kneel between your legs for entry in this position.
  4. As your partner thrusts, use your hips to create a subtle, corkscrew-like motion to increase stimulation.
  5. Dial-in the ideal experience: Agree on thrust depth and speed to ensure maximum gratification and ease for both parties.
  6. Examine various postures: Experiment with diverse angles and orientations of your legs and pelvic area to determine the most comfortable and enjoyable position for you and your partn


The Corkscrew position provides an exciting and enjoyable opportunity to delve into novel realms of closeness with your companion. Stress communication, permission, and satisfaction for a desirable and gratifying session. Take pleasure in analyzing this exclusive posture and enjoy bonding with your companion at a more profound degree. Keep an eye out for our following weekly sex position guide!


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