Most Effective Cross Booty Sex Positions

What is Cross Booty?

This intimate position allows you to feel more of your partner's body in motion. With extra flexibility, receivers can provide a relaxing butt or leg massage during thrusting. Plus, those with a flexible partner or a dildo will benefit from new sensations on various parts of the vaginal wall. Here's how to do it: Start in missionary, then the giver moves their legs and chest to form an "X" with their partner. Poptorso offers a variety of style of sex doll torso, allowing you to enjoy cooperative sexual posture Poptorso big ass sex doll is very interstable with you. What are you waiting for?

Cross Booty

Sex Position: Cross Booty

The Cross Booty sex position is an intimate and stimulating method to discover new sensual experiences with your partner. This move calls for a bit of flexibility and communication, but the payoffs make it worth it. To get into the Cross Booty position, these guidelines should be followed:

  1. Partners should begin by lying on their sides, facing one another. This position offers optimal results when the two individuals are of relatively equal height.
  2. The partner on the top should move their leg across their partner's hip to create a figure-four shape; nurturing a close and intimate relationship between the two bodies.
  3. The individual below can manipulate their partner's leg closer with their hands, providing a greater degree of penetration and raised sensation.
  4. Partners can experiment with different speeds and angles to find the combination that suits them best. Slow, gradual thrusts can allow for a calming, pleasurable sensation, whereas vigorous, deeper penile thrusts increase intensity.
  5. Partners should communicate openly and honestly to ensure a pleasurable experience in the Cross Booty position, which is key for satisfaction for both.
  6. Take periodic pauses and alter positions if necessary. Varying angles and techniques can lead to increased pleasure and avoid any discomforts that could be caused by long-term use of the same position.


The Cross Booty position fosters deep connection and penetration. Taking care to establish trust and communication is essential for a mutually pleasurable experience. Embrace it as a unique variation of the side-by-side position and revel in the pleasure.


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