The Sex Position Superlatives: Why Cross Sex Position Reigns Supreme!

Join us for this week's sex position at PopTorso, featuring the Cross Sex Position - an unconventional angle that brings partners closer together and allows for deep penetration. Keep reading to discover the best ways to fully enjoy this intimate and engaging experience. You can use our sex doll torso to try Cross sex positions. PopTorso provides you with sex dolls in various styles and sizes, including European and American sex dolls, big ass sex dolls, big boobs sex dolls, etc.

How to Play the Cross Sex Position Game

What The Guy Does In The Cross Position

The man's role in the Cross Position requires precise placement and movement. He aligns himself diagonally above the woman, his hips in line with hers. His duty is to maintain stability and direct the thrusting. Additionally, he can actively contribute to the intimacy by making eye contact, touching, or verbally expressing his desires to his partner during the act. His hands are free to explore, giving him the opportunity to stimulate other sensual areas and enhance the overall experience.

Your partner will take charge in the Cross position. To make it easier for him to thrust, he should lie on his side facing you. This will relieve some of the pressure on his penis. Initially, your partner may struggle with this position, but if he balances on his knees and elbows, he will have more power to penetrate you. If you're looking to give your partner mind-blowing orgasms that will keep him craving more, sign up for PopTorso and confidential newsletter.

What the Girl Does in the Cross Position

When in the Cross position, you won't have much to do. The Cross can be a little awkward, so your main action will likely just be pushing back against your partner. His waist will be on top of yours, so you can gently rub it by reaching back. You can also reach over his buttocks with your hand to softly massage his testicles as he penetrates you. With your other hand, you can play with your nipples for extra stimulation.

In the Cross Position, the woman holds the reins, determining the pace and depth of penetration. She lies on her back, most likely on a bed or comfortable surface, and raises her legs slightly. As her partner positions himself perpendicular to her, she can control the motion by adjusting her leg and hip angles. This gives her the power to manage the depth and intensity of thrusts, resulting in an engaging and adaptable experience. She may also wrap her legs around her partner’s back for added stability and deeper penetration.

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When attempting the Cross Booty position, keep these factors in mind.


Effective communication is essential when trying new positions with a partner. It's important to openly discuss preferences, boundaries, and any potential discomfort that may arise during the activity.


Lube it up! Don't forget the lube if you're getting kinky and trying some cross-sex anal action. It'll keep things smooth and comfy for both parties.

Body Alignment

Be sure to carefully observe the alignment of your body in both positions. Improper alignment has the potential to cause discomfort or even pain, especially when performing more active movements like the Cross Booty. Experiment with adjusting the angle of entry or the positioning of your legs to discover the most enjoyable alignment.

Take into account flexibility and physical limitations.

When it comes to certain sex positions, flexibility and physical limitations may come into play. Keep an eye out for any potential issues and be prepared to adjust the position or use pillows for support.

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Discover the Perks of the Cross Sex Position!

  • Increased Intimacy

The cross sex position encourages eye contact and face-to-face interaction, which can enhance emotional connection and intimacy for couples seeking to strengthen their bond. This level of closeness can be particularly beneficial for partners.

  • Deep Penetration

Experience deep pleasure with the Cross sex position, perfect for exploring the G-spot or prostate. Its unique angle offers excitement for both partners.

  • Versatility

This position is flexible and can fit well in different environments and on various surfaces such as beds or tables. It can also be adjusted to cater to different body sizes and levels of flexibility.

  • Visual Stimulation

Cross sex positions offer optimal angles for visual stimulation, allowing partners to observe each other's facial expressions and reactions, which can greatly enhance the eroticism of the experience.

  • Enhanced Clitoral Stimulation

The cross-sex position allows for additional clitoral stimulation, whether through manual touch or natural rubbing against the partner's body. This can enhance sexual pleasure for a more fulfilling experience!

Tips for Safety and Comfort While Using Cross Booty Position

Use Cushions for Support

Utilize cushions or pillows to alleviate discomfort, particularly when on firmer surfaces. For improved comfort, consider adding a pillow beneath the hips of the partner being penetrated to reduce tension.

Proper Lubrication

When engaging in anal play, make sure to use enough lubrication to facilitate smooth movements and minimize the possibility of discomfort or injury. It is important to select a high-quality lubricant that is compatible with any condoms or toys being utilized.

Gradual Progression

Ease into the position with gentle movements, giving both partners time to adjust. As comfort allows, gradually increase penetration intensity and depth.

Ensure Stable Ground

Make sure to carry out the task on a stable and safe surface to avoid any mishaps or accidents. Check that the area is clear of any potential hazards.

Maintain Balance

For the penetrating partner, keeping balance is crucial to prevent strain or injuries. Make sure your feet are firmly planted and use your hands to stabilize if needed.

Hydrate and Take Breaks

Stay hydrated and remember to take breaks as necessary, especially if the job requires physical exertion. This can help prevent muscle cramps and exhaustion.


Discover new dimensions of intimacy and pleasure with the lively and versatile cross sex position. Open communication, understanding, and comfort are key to fully relishing this unique and intimate option - so give it a go, make adjustments as needed, and above all, enjoy the journey to mutual satisfaction!


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