Tackle the Leap Frog Sex Position: Take the Leap!

Discover the Leap Frog sex position and unlock new levels of pleasure and intimacy. This playful, easy-to-execute variation on doggy style sex dolls is the perfect choice for couples who want to explore different angles and sensations. Plus, it offers G-spot stimulation and allows for back-door fun if desired. According to Taylor Sparks, erotic educator and founder of Organic Loven, the Leap Frog sex position "looks hot as hell [and] allows for some naughty powerplay." Try it today and enjoy the rewards. If you want to experience the frog sex position, then Poptorso's sex doll torso is your best companion.

Introduction Leap Frog Sex Position

The Leapfrog position is virtually identical to standard doggy style and many of its variants from our list of exotic sexual positions. To take on the Leapfrog, just assume the basic doggy style setup, with a man on his knees behind you while you kneel as well. Instead of bracing on your elbows, as with doggy style, rest your chest and head on the bed, backside in the air, making it easier for your partner to enter you. Your man's legs will be intertwined with yours. As an aside, if you have difficulty achieving climax during intercourse or self-pleasure, consider the Easy Orgasm Solution. It teaches you methods to reach orgasm consistently and easily, then moves on to multiple vaginal and full body orgasms during sex and masturbation. More information here. Your man can hold your back while thrusting in and out or he can use your hips for more intense and vigorous sex.

Leap Frog sex position

How to Do the Leapfrog Sex Position?

To enter the leapfrog position, one partner should assume the all-fours stance, resembling an amphibian set to spring. The other partner should then kneel behind, between the legs of their partner. With both in proper position, the partner in the rear can start making gentle, slow thrusts, adjusting the angle and depth to maximize pleasure. The partner in the front may also help out by rocking or lifting their hips to better meet their partner's movements.

This position offers an unique angle that is both exciting and accommodating. With it, partners can achieve deep penetration and intense G-spot/prostate stimulation. Access to other erogenous zones, such as the breasts or anus, is also granted. Mutual communication during is essential for both partners to experience comfort and pleasure. Experimenting with various rhythms, speeds, and depths can reveal what works best. Remember, consent and respect are critical for a fulfilling sexual encounter.

Prioritizing safety and comfort should be the primary focus prior to attempting any new sexual position. Foreplay should be adequate and lubrication should be plentifully employed to cut down on the risk of distress and soreness. Should either participant experience any discomfort or pain when engaging in the leap frog position, it's essential to cease and select an alternate posture.

The Benefits of the Leapfrog Position:

Leapfrog is an incredibly enjoyable position for both partners, providing intense sensation and deep penetration. According to Kristine D’Angelo, a certified sex coach and clinical sexologist, "The 'top' partner can use their hips as leverage for a powerful thrusting motion, while the 'bottom' partner can respond with their own movement for even more depth. This makes it ideal for G-spot stimulation." Not to mention, it's also a great option for different activities, like anal play and oral pleasure. “Leapfrogging exposes the vulva and anus for easy access for both the giver and receiver,” D'Angelo adds. Truly, this is a must-try sex position.


To end, the leapfrog position can provide a thrilling evolution to your usual sexual practices. Keep communication and consent in mind as you explore this position with your partner for more pleasure and better connection. Remember: maximum enjoyment comes with mutual comfort. Have fun experimenting!


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