Expert Tips for Giving the Best Oral Sex for Men

Oral sex is an intimate and pleasurable experience for both partners when performed with sensitivity and consideration. There are various techniques to enhance pleasure and heighten arousal, allowing both partners to engage in an enjoyable and fulfilling sexual activity. This article will provide different tips and techniques to make the oral experience more confident and sex doll torso can satisfy any of your oral sex needs.And our oral sex doll will be the best toy for you to experience the pleasure of oral sex.

Male Oral Sex Techniques

  1. 69-style oral sex: The 69 is a sexual position where partners provide oral sex to each other at the same time. Both partners typically lie on their sides, facing one another, with one partner's head near the other partner's genitals and vice versa. This position can be particularly intimate and offers simultaneous pleasure for both individuals.
  2. Sit and kneel: The seated partner can lean back and relax while their partner kneels in front of them. This position gives the kneeling partner more control over the angle and depth of stimulation, allowing the sitting partner to enjoy the pleasure. Oral sex can be performed in this position with both partners comfortable and satisfied.
  3. On your stomach: In the rear-entry position, one partner can remain lying prone on their stomach while the other partner performs oral sex. This arrangement can be especially pleasurable for the recipient, providing deep penetration and a sense of power.
  4. The classic: The widely-used oral sex posture features a person lying on their back while a partner performs oral sex from a kneeling posture. This position is hassle-free and straightforward to perform, thus making it a preferred choice for couples.
  5. Giraffe: The partner standing upright can benefit from a unique angle of stimulation; kneeling partners can provide an experience of control and authority, which can be especially enjoyable for male recipients.
  6. Face sitting: In the face-sitting position, one partner is seated on the other's face, enabling the sitting partner to enjoy oral stimulation. This intimate posture gives the sitting partner a greater degree of control over the encounter.
  7. Doggy style: The partner kneeling or standing behind can position themselves to provide oral sex to the partner on all fours. This posture permits a more intense experience for the penetrating partner, with intensified pleasure for males.
  8. Kevin method: The Kevin approach is a strategy for delivering oral pleasure to men that relies on the tongue to stimulate the underside of the penis, in contrast to the classic practice of employing lips and mouth. To utilize the Kevin technique, one partner should recline and the other partner should kneel between their legs and use their tongue to create stimulation on the underside of the penis. This method may produce a distinct sensation and may bring pleasure to men in a special way.

Exploring alternate angles and methods can allow for unexpected sensual discoveries and add spice to intimate moments.

Steps and Tips for Oral Sex for Men

Engaging in oral sex can constitute a wonderful, intimate moment between two lovers. If your partner is male and you wish to provide pleasure through oral sex, here are a few tips to help in the process:

  • It's essential to be comfortable with oral sex before attempting it. Everyone is different, so it's important to be open to exploring your own boundaries and doing what fits best for you.
  • Discuss pleasure preferences and boundaries with your partner prior to any sexual activity, so that both partners have a clear understanding of expectations. During the act, remain open to feedback and communication to ensure a pleasurable experience for both.
  • Establish a relaxed atmosphere: Enhance the space by creating a tranquil and exclusive environment. This could include reducing lighting, using candles, or playing tunes.
  • Lubrication can be beneficial during oral sex; it can make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for both individuals involved. Commercial lubricants are available for purchase, or naturally-occurring saliva can be used.
  • Begin by gently stimulating the genital area: Start by applying light touches around the genital region, gradually increasing the intensity of the stimulation. This can help to increase arousal and anticipation.
  • Manipulate with both your hands and lips: Utilize your hands to tenderly caress the penis and scrotum and employ your mouth to lick and kiss the length and glans of the penis. Additionally, you can utilize your tongue to draw circles around the head of the penis or to flick it back and forth.
  • Explore various tactics: Men can find pleasure in many tactics, from licking the penile head to using the tongue to caress the frenulum (the hypersensitive portion on the underside of the shaft). Experiment to discover what is most pleasurable for your partner.
  • Be aware of subtle indicators from your partner: Monitor your partner's physical reactions and verbal responses to gauge their level of satisfaction. As they seem to be deriving pleasure from a particular action, continue to do it. If they appear to be nearing climax, enhance the stimulation with increased intensity.
  • When engaging in oral sex with someone outside of a monogamous relationship, using a condom is essential to lower the chance of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection.


Engaging in oral sex can be a pleasant and gratifying experience for partners in a romantic relationship. The key factor is to go slow, keep it light, and ensure both individuals are comfortable and content with the activity.


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