Get Soaked: Things to Know About Shower Sex

How To Enjoy Shower Sex Safely?

From romantic movies to real life, steamy shower scenes have a certain allure. While having fun in the shower may look effortless on-screen, it's not always so simple in actuality. That's why we created a guide to help you explore shower sex safely and pleasurably. Read below for everything you need to know.

Top-Rated Shower Sex Toys for Optimal Climax Enjoyment

Our curated selection of sex toys will take your shower play to the next level! Specifically designed to withstand the humidity and heat of the shower providing optimum pleasure and enjoyment. Trust us to guide you towards the perfect toys to help you enhance your shower play.

Sex Doll Torso:
A sex doll torso is a kind of love doll that includes the chest, waist, and sometimes the head, but not a full body. These smaller models are convenient and cost-effective, while providing a realistic and enjoyable experience.

Waterproof Vibrators:
These are engineered to persevere in the humid environment of a shower. From bullet-shaped vibrators to bulkier wands, confirm the toy is labeled "waterproof" and not just "water-resistant."

Suction Cup Dildos:
These can be affixed to shower walls to achieve a hands-free experience. Make sure the surface is clean and flat for maximum adhesion. Experimenting with placement and angles can be enjoyable.

Waterproof Anal Toys:
Ensure any beads, plugs, or prostate massagers are crafted out of non-porous materials, such as silicone, and have been designated as waterproof.

Climax Doll Melady Lifelike BBW Big Breast Ass Sex Torso Realistic Sexy Real Love Dolls

Cock Rings:
Many cock rings are designed to be waterproof and can add more intensity to his experience. Furthermore, those with vibrating components can provide stimulating sensations for both partners.

Shower-friendly Restraints:
These restraints are not toys in the traditional sense, but they are made for use in wet environments and can bring a playful and mild bondage element to your shower experience. Just make sure they are simple to disengage for safety.

To keep your sex toys in top condition, clean and store them properly after each use. Remember: lubrication is key, especially when engaging in aquatic activities. A silicone-based lubricant is ideal for such situations, as it will not wash away too easily.

Benefits of Sex in the Shower

Engaging in sexual activity in the shower can offer many advantages beyond its classic cinematic appeal. From maximum hygiene to comfort and convenience, explore the numerous benefits using this list as a guide.

Change of Scenery:
Shifting from a bedroom atmosphere to a shower setting can be exhilarating and bring a new level of excitement to your union. This variation can offer an invigorating change in pace.

Natural Lubrication:
The water gives an unparalleled experience and, though it may remove natural lubrication, can also yield a slippery sensation that many consider pleasurable.

Clean Fun:
Benefits include quick cleanup--you're already in the shower, making it the ideal environment for sprucing up post-coitus.

Intimate Foreplay:
Engaging in shower sex incorporates lots of touching, lathering, and mutual affection. This experience can be seen as extended foreplay, heightening expectations and augmenting closeness.

Improved Flexibility:
Given the limited area, couples often explore diverse postures, inadvertently strengthening their suppleness and equilibrium. It's like a condensed yoga class with an added kick!

Enhanced Self-Esteem:
Being exposed and unprotected in the brightly lit atmosphere of a shower can increase body self-assurance. Ultimately, you become more accepting of your own body and that of your partner, fostering stronger mutual understanding.

Temperature Play:
Varying the water temperature, from tepid to cold, can create distinctive feelings and stir diverse responses within the body, providing an additional dimension to your enjoyment.

Communication is paramount when it comes to any intimate activity. Prior to exploring the potential of shower sex, see to it that you and your partner discuss limitations and expectations. Although it has many benefits, safety and mutual understanding should always be prioritized.


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