Mastering the Art of Spooning Sex Position

What is Spooning?

Spooning often gets a bad reputation, but it can in fact be an incredibly intimate way to enjoy sex. Why? Spooning is recognized as an intimate, comfortable sex position often used to deepen intimacy between partners. It can be modified for various body types and preferences and is practised in both heterosexual and same-sex relationships. It is also suitable for non-sexual intimacy, like relaxation.

While Spooning, skin-to-skin contact is unparalleled while coupled with the sensation of your partner's entire body against yours. You'll feel **every movement** from beginning to end. Plus, with your bodies being so close together, the potential to add extra touches - like kissing your neck, caressing your nipples, or massaging your clitoris - is really limitless. Additionally, it can be used as foreplay and to enhance the duration and intensity of orgasm.

While Spooning: What the Female Does

You can Spoon your partner and adjust the angle of penetration through body positioning changes, such as leaning forward or lifting your legs towards your stomach. This can give you the perfect angle to start clitoral stimulation with your hands or a vibrator, or even finger yourself if having anal sex.

Spooning with sex doll

While Spooning: What He Does

Spooning is an especially pleasurable position for sex or cuddling, as it doesn't require any special strength or flexibility from your partner. When spooning, your partner should be on his side and thrusting into you. Your partner can get even deeper by slightly bending over you. Furthermore, he should be able to reach around and stimulate your clitoral and labial areas. To increase penetration, he can also grasp the top side of your waist. Note that his lower arm might become numb if held in place too long; to avoid this, he can tuck it behind your back or stretch it above him.

Spooning with Sex Doll Torso

Spooning with a sex doll torso allows you to experiment with various orientations. This position offers an intimate and sensual experience as embrace your partner while cuddling close. Spooning is perfect for those seeking a more relaxed session, as it reduces the amount of pressure or strain on the body. It's one of the more versatile positions that can help you explore different possibilities.Enjoy the best Sexy sex doll torso from Poptorso and experience the most exciting spooning sex positions.

Spooning sex needn't be mundane. Here are some tips to spruce up your spooning experience:

  • Manipulate with your digits. Spooning intercourse often occurs in the morning when both partners are still groggy, and at night when they're ready to drift off. Both of these moments (especially the morning) can be when your vagina is particularly tense. Try stimulating your clitoris and vagina with your fingers to get your body and libido revved up, or have your partner help you out as they become aroused too.
  • For optimal pleasure, make sure to add lube to the mix. Lubrication can improve any kind of intercourse, regardless of the amount of natural wetness. It is especially recommended during spooning sex to make the close contact more enjoyable and less uncomfortable. Furthermore, lube is a reliable go-to during times where arousal may be inhibited, such as after a stressful day or prior to being fully stimulated.
  • Grasp your partner's waist. Even with the close proximity to other erogenous zones, your hips offer a unique pleasure all their own. Experienced lovers know that a gentle squeeze or massage of the hip bones can cause delightful sensations to travel lower. Go ahead - have them grip your hips and show them how it can spark fire in both of you!
  • Play around with leg positioning. Don't let yourself get stuck in the same ol' spooning routine - it's time to get creative! Lift one leg up towards the ceiling, fold one leg and place the foot on the other shin, or bend both knees considerably. All of these maneuvers will create a new sensation for you - and that's the point! Experiment to discover what you like best.


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