The Top Sofa Surfer Techniques of the Week

Looking to spice up your love life? Consider incorporating a sofa into your sexual routine! It can add some excitement and variety to your intimate experiences.

Enhance your sexual experience with Sofa Surfer - the effortless position that effectively stimulates the A-spot, G-spot, or P-spot. Perfect for both a quick session or a leisurely encounter, this position guarantees deep pleasure without any hassle.

How to Do the Sofa Surfer?

The recipient positions themselves on the armrest, gradually easing their upper body onto the seat, and extends their legs out straight. The partner on the giving end stands facing the recipient's buttocks, resting their legs on their shoulders and wrapping their arms around their thighs.

Gently seat your sex doll torso on the armrest of a sofa, carefully lowering her upper body onto the seat while keeping sex doll legs straight and raised. From there, position yourself in front of the doll's buttocks and place her legs on your shoulders while embracing her thighs with your arms.

Why Choose the Sofa Surfer Sex Position?

The receiving partner's hip angle enables deep penetration and targeting of internal erogenous zones for intense pleasure. The pace can be controlled by the giver, and an extra hand can be used for stimulating external erogenous zones, such as the nipples, clitoris, penis, or testicles.

The sex doll's hips are angled to allow for deep penetration and precise targeting of important internal areas, leading to highly satisfying results.

How to Try the Sofa Surfer Position?

Enhancing shared sensations is a great technique for elevating this position to new heights of excitement. Choose from a wearable couple's vibrator, vibrating strapless strap-on, vibrating penis sleeve, or hollow vibrating strap-on for maximum effect.

Enhance your pleasure by freeing one hand to stimulate busty sex doll external erogenous zones, like the nipples, penis, or testicles.

Make it Even Better

Enhance your sexual experience with your doll by incorporating light restraint play. Whether you prefer a quickie or a leisurely session, Sofa Surfer is the perfect addition for a complete and enjoyable encounter.


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