Tantaly Mia - The Ultimate Test & Review

'' The Tantaly Mia is a remarkable toy that I thoroughly enjoyed testing. The three different vagina inserts provided a great variety and would be a major factor in choosing this toy over others. Additionally, the jiggle of the butt due to Tantaly's development was a delightful touch. After trying out this toy, I don't think I would consider purchasing any other lower half sex doll torso without this feature. While cleaning the Tantaly Mia may be challenging, it is similar to cleaning other sex dolls and the removable vaginas make the process slightly simpler. For those new to using sex toys or looking for a toy for a penis owner, I highly recommend something like a Fleshlight. If you have already used a handheld toy such as a Fleshlight, I believe the Tantaly Mia is the perfect next step.'' —— James Anderson Said

If you are searching for a realistic and versatile option, consider purchasing the Tantaly Mia. This product offers a sex doll-like experience without the hassle of storing or cleaning a full-sized figure. Additionally, the handheld toy with removable vagina inserts provides added variety for your pleasure.

About The Tantaly Mia Review

Discover a new, high-quality alternative to Fleshlight with the Tantaly Mia partial life size sex doll. This innovative product boasts three interchangeable vagina inserts that provide different textures for a truly personalized experience. While most sex dolls only offer removable vaginas, the Tantaly Mia goes above and beyond with its unique soft butt technology, providing a realistic jiggling sensation during use. Trust the product page, which highlights months of development and expert craftsmanship. Experience the ultimate pleasure with the Tantaly Mia.

  • Pros: The Tantaly Mia's vagina inserts are a great choice, providing both fun and realistic sensations. They are also easy to clean and incredibly detailed.
  • Cons: The Tantaly Mia toy requires a certain level of strength to be washed and handled effectively. Washing its body is a task that requires careful attention and should not be taken lightly. Additionally, drying the toy's canals must be done with caution.

Tantaly Mia

Our Customer Experience With Tantaly Mia

Mia Tantaly Initial Thoughts

The Tantaly Mia arrived in a discreet, well-packaged box and upon removing it, the high quality of the toy was immediately apparent. Its skin-like material reacted realistically, even to a light touch. Despite knowing the weight listed on the product page (19.2 pounds), I was still surprised by the weight when picking up the partial sex doll. Mia came with one vagina insert already installed and two others marked as Beginner, Regular, and Super Stimulating were carefully wrapped in small boxes within the package. Before opening the product, I consulted the included instruction booklet and the product page on Tantaly's website. However, I found them to be poorly written in English which initially caused some doubt about the product's quality. Nonetheless, after using the toy, it far surpassed my expectations. It is recommended that Tantaly improve their English instructions and product descriptions for the benefit of their English-speaking customers.

Tantaly Mia First Use

The Tantaly Mia doggystyle sex doll can be washed in a bathtub, along with the included vagina canals. The instructions recommend this as it helps to remove any factory dust. The 'Beginner' vagina insert was my first choice and I was impressed with the detailed exterior and interior. While the textures were not labeled, I found that I could refer to the photos on the packaging to identify them later. Overall, the experience was similar to using a Fleshlight, but the realistic jiggle and texture of the butt added an extra level of stimulation.

Tantaly Mia Subsequent Uses

To ensure a comprehensive review, I dedicated more time to testing this product due to its multiple components. Both the 'Regular' and 'Super Stimulating' vagina inserts were examined, along with the non-removable anus. The variety of options provided added value to the Tantaly Mia, making it a cost-effective purchase. Furthermore, having multiple inserts ensured that I could still use the product even if one happened to tear or break. While there were clear distinctions in the canal texture of the inserts, I believe greater diversity in terms of tightness could be beneficial. Additionally, the non-removable anus had a pleasant sensation and was not too tight or loose in my opinion.

Ways to Play Tantaly Mia

On the product page for Tantaly Mia, there are illustrations showing different ways to use the toy. Some may find it easiest to have Tantaly Mia lying flat with the buttocks facing up, while others prefer the stomach facing up position. Placing Tantaly Mia on the edge of a bed also works well. These three positions seem to be the most effective for using the sex toy. However, I did experiment with using Tantaly Mia in the cowgirl position as shown on the product page. While it was enjoyable, I was cautious because the toy's "skin", combined with its jiggle and water-based lubricant, can make it quite slippery. The accompanying instruction booklet suggests that the vagina inserts can be used separately. I tried this method, similar to using a Fleshlight, and it was a pleasant experience.

Tantaly Mia After Use

When using the Tantaly Mia sex doll for anal sex, the anal canal cannot be removed for cleaning. As with any toy, it may become slippery when washed with soap so caution should be taken so as not to cause damage. One impressive characteristic of the doll is its resilience, as it remained undamaged even after being dropped and sustaining a small tear. Additionally, cleaning the removable vagina inserts is a simple process, requiring only to be washed and wiped clean.

The Tantaly Mia design

The Tantaly Mia has a realistic look and feel, with attention paid to details such as the dimples above her buttocks, textured anus, and belly button. I was particularly impressed by the "bounce back" and texture of the skin during use. Tantaly mentions on their product page that the soft skin texture of the Tantaly Mia is the outcome of extensive development and it is evident in the final design. The removable vagina inserts are designed to stay in place once inserted and are easy to remove and replace.

Discover the Ease of Using the Tantaly Mia: A Detailed Review

Based on my experience, I have assigned a rating of 80 to Tantaly Mia's ease of use. This is because most sex dolls are generally difficult to maneuver, but Tantaly Mia stands out with its ability to swap out vagina inserts for cleaning. However, it should be noted that some strength is required to pick up Tantaly Mia, especially when it becomes slippery from soap or lube.

Examining the Tantaly Mia Quality

Upon unwrapping the Tantaly Mia, its weight and lifelike texture of Mia's skin immediately indicated its high quality. The softness and recoil of the butt, as well as the detailed color of the vagina inserts, were all appealing. My overall impression is that the Tantaly Mia doll is of exceptional quality.

Discover the Cost of Tantaly Mia: An Evaluation of Affordability

Tantaly offers a range of other affordable lower half sex dolls that are comparable in price to the Tantaly Mia (in the $300 range), but do not feature removable vagina inserts. After researching other partial sex dolls, I concluded that the Tantaly Mia was the ideal choice for those seeking a lower half sex doll, either due to its higher quality or realistic appearance. Ultimately, my decision was based on the added value of the Tantaly Mia, which includes three removable vagina inserts for easy cleaning, standalone use, and variety.

Evaluating the Performance of Tantaly Mia

Upon opening the Tantaly Mia's packaging, I carefully read the instruction booklet to familiarize myself with the product's weight, cleaning process, and interchangeable vagina inserts. To my delight, the doll's bounciness exceeded my expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised by its slipperiness when using lube or soap.

Unlock Tantaly Mia’s Packaging

The Tantaly Mia comes discreetly packaged in a plain box, complete with Styrofoam for secure placement of the doll. Along with an instruction booklet and product catalog, there are also pockets in the Styrofoam for the three vagina inserts, which are individually wrapped for protection and come with a drying stick. The soft plastic wrapping also helps maintain the doll's powder coating during shipping, keeping her skin soft upon arrival.

How to care for the Tantaly Mia

The surface of the toy is soft and provides ample bounce during use, making it perfect for a pleasurable experience. It is crafted using TPE, which is both waterproof and porous. However, this also means that the sex doll will not last indefinitely, as Tantaly states their dolls typically have a lifespan of one to two years. Like most sex dolls, it can be challenging to clean due to its weight and slippery texture with soap. If this toy catches your eye, it is highly advised to purchase Tantaly's care kit, which includes essential items for cleaning, drying, and storing the Tantaly Mia.

Mia Tantaly Special Feature

According to Tantaly Mia, this big ass sex doll boasts a unique feature of interchangeable vaginas. The vagina inserts were enjoyable to experiment with and enhanced the overall experience. Additionally, they contribute to the toy's convenience in terms of cleaning.

Tantaly Mia Specifications and Features

Length 11.3 inches
Diameter 35.83 inches
Insertable length 5.1-6.3 inches
Weight 19.2 lbs
Materials TPE 
Waterproof Yes 
Storage Bag Included No 
Colors Available Light Skin Tone 


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