Unleash the Thrill: Why Tantaly Rosie is the Top Choice!

The Tantaly Rosie partial sex doll torso is a top-quality toy that is sure to impress. This versatile and realistic product is perfect for beginners, experts, or anyone looking to improve their sexual experiences. While the limited skin tone options may be a drawback, the Rosie's bounce, firmness, and smooth texture make it a worthy addition to any toy collection. With its professional quality and lifelike feel, the Rosie is definitely a worthwhile investment.

We recommends purchasing the Tantaly Rosie for those interested in improving their stroking technique and enjoying the sensation of rubbing on a firm buttocks. This product offers a nearly realistic experience and is ideal for those seeking to enhance their skills.

About The Ultimate Tantaly Rosie Review

Discover the wonders of the Tantaly Rosie, a must-have for any big ass sex doll collector. Its exquisitely crafted design and lightweight body make it easy to handle, while its soft and elastic skin adds to the lifelike experience. With its versatility and effortless cleaning, the value of the Rosie Tantaly partial life size sex doll is unbeatable. At just over 30 lbs, it's important to handle with care and consider the best way to transport it.

Rosie Tantaly Big Ass Sex Doll

Our Customer Experience With Tantaly Rosie

Vernon Scott Overview

When I think of Tantaly Rosie, the first thing that comes to mind is the size of the toy - particularly the large and impressive behind. Despite my initial assumption that the toy would be small and portable, I was pleasantly surprised by its larger dimensions, which I failed to properly consider when reading the product description.

Tantaly Rosie Compared to Others Ass Torso Doll

The difference between the Rosie Tantaly and other partially-bodied dolls on the internet is that the former requires more active participation. While previous male masturbators have been underwhelming, the Tantaly Rosie provides a more realistic and engaging experience. Its unique movements allow for a more immersive sexual experience compared to traditional toys or manual stimulation.

Tantaly Rosie Design

Tantaly's Rosie partial doll (Rosie for short) features a stunning design that pays excellent attention to the female form. The toy's buttocks are firm and aesthetically pleasing, and the vaginal area is well-crafted. In addition to its attractive appearance, Rosie has a delightful texture, reminiscent of well-hydrated, supple skin. Its skin also has an oily feel, so users should be considerate of where they store the toy.

How Are Tantaly Rosie Ease of Use?

Do you need to insert the toy at an angle? Do you enjoy penetrating your partner while standing, hovering, or lying down? Do you have a preference for your partner to be on top? Depending on your answer, the ease of use may vary. Standing position allows for easier access to both holes, but using the toy with its back on the ceiling (vulva facing up) may cause some difficulty due to its movement. Personally, I find it most comfortable to use Tantaly's Rosie while lying on my back. Keep in mind, the toy weighs 30 lbs and this may become troublesome depending on your strength level.

How About Tantaly Rosie Quality?

Without a doubt, Tantaly's Rosie is of exceptional quality. Having tried other masturbatory toys in the past, none have been able to match up to Rosie's standard. The quality of Rosie can be discerned simply by touching its skin, which may not be realistic but still feels fantastic. Additionally, Rosie is very durable - it can withstand being slapped, dropped, and even pinched and pulled without any damage. Tantaly's Rosie truly is a product of excellent quality.

Tantaly Rosie Price

With its high price, Tantaly's Rosie may seem like a luxury, but it's a worthwhile investment. In comparison to other similar products, the Rosie's texture, feel, and weight stand out and make it a desirable choice. Despite the cost, the Rosie offers excellent quality and adds fun and sensuality to your experience. If you are budget-conscious, consider saving for a Rosie or waiting for a sale.

Tantaly Rosie Performance

The Tantaly Rosie exceeded my expectations in terms of versatility and performance. This expertly designed toy offers various ways to be used, including penetration, and can even be used for riding with the right amount of strength. While it's recommended to try different positions, caution must be taken to avoid any potential injuries due to its weight.

Tantaly Rosie Packaging

For those seeking a flashy unboxing experience, Tantaly may not meet your expectations. However, I personally appreciate the brand's minimalist approach with the Rosie's standard, yet sleek, packaging. Displayed on one side is an image of the toy, while the other features Tantaly's logo. The side panels offer details on how to utilize the Rosie, as well as specifications such as weight and materials.

Tantaly Rosie Materials and Care

The Tantaly Rosie has a gelatinous texture, offering a satisfyingly heavy weight. For optimal performance and maintenance, it is advised to use a water-based lubricant. The outer parts of the doll can be effortlessly cleaned with soap and water, while cleaning the inner parts may require more effort. Fortunately, Tantaly offers cleaning supplies on their website for this purpose. Alternatively, hand cleaning is also an option. Another advantage is that the Rosie comes with a water-absorbent stick.

Rosie Tantaly Specifications and Features

Height 9.7 inches
Width 40.9 inches
Openings Vagina and anus 
Insertable length Vagina: 5.98 inches, Anus: 5.12 inches
Diameter (internal) Vagina: 0.8 inches, Anus: 0.28 inches
Weight 31 lbs
Materials TPE 
Waterproof Yes 
Storage Bag Included Yes 
Colors Available Fair & Wheat 


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