What's all the Hype About the Eagle Sex Position?!

Eagle Position is a penetrative sex position suitable for anal and vaginal sex. It provides deep stimulation and allows for face-to-face intimacy. The receptive partner lies on their back with legs spread wide while the penetrative partner kneels over them.Try this exciting eagle sex position with Poptorso’s sex doll torso today! Poptorso has various styles and types of sex dolls such as life size sex doll, BBW sex doll, Busty sex doll, etc.

What is Eagle Sex Position?

The Eagle Position is a penetrative sexual position that is named after the posture of the receptive partner, who lies on their back with their legs spread wide resembling the wings of an eagle. This position is beneficial for those who prefer anal sex or deep vaginal penetration, as it enables the stimulation of both the clitoris and the P-spot or G-spot. It is a variation of the classic missionary position.

Exploring Eagle Position: Everything You Need to Know

To perform the eagle position, the partner lying on their back should lift and separate their legs. They should then raise their hips to meet their kneeling partner. The partner who is penetrating should stabilize themselves by placing their hands flat on either side of their partner's body.

This position allows for penetration by the partner on top and can also be modified for use with a strap-on. Using a small amount of lube can enhance the experience by providing a smooth and frictionless sensation.

Not only does the eagle position provide deep penetration and stimulation of the clitoral and P-spot, but it also offers a more intimate connection for couples engaging in anal sex. This position allows for face-to-face contact, enabling partners to look into each other's eyes and share kisses while engaging in sexual activity. Additionally, the receptive partner has the ability to touch the hips and buttocks of their partner in this position.

While the eagle position is classified as a medium-level sex position, it is important for newcomers to anal to approach it with caution and not rush into it.

How Does Eagle Position Work?

The eagle sex position is typically known to involve penetration, whether it's through vaginal, anal, or using a sex toy like a dildo. However, the person on the bottom can also remain in this position while receiving oral sex. This may cause the distinct eagle shape to be less visible. To achieve this position, the bottom person lies on their back and extends their legs into a wide V-shape. For support and a deeper stretch, they may grasp onto their ankles if able.

This position can be modified by entry prior to or after genital contact, such as the popular missionary position. For added psychological and/or physical stimulation, the bottom person's ankles can be cuffed to their wrists. This enhances the power dynamic and increases the vulnerability of the spread person. A slight variation of the eagle position involves the bottom person resting their spread legs at the edge of a counter or bed while their partner penetrates from a standing position, which can be advantageous for partners with significant height differences.

Differentiating Eagle, Spread Eagle, Reverse Spread Eagle, Standing/Sofa Spread Eagle, and Exposed Eagle.

Although similar in name, the eagle and spread eagle positions are actually just variations of each other. However, the others, such as exposed eagle, are entirely separate positions.

Reverse Spread Eagle

When assuming this position, the person's legs are spread and they are facing downwards instead of upwards. It may require increased flexibility or improved balance compared to the original position, depending on the person's intention of lying flat or hovering above the surface.

Standing or Sofa Spread Eagle

This variant of the eagle position maintains the spread legs element but is modified for a standing stance. In the standing eagle, one leg is raised against a wall while the other remains planted on the ground. This version can also be performed without a sofa, with the legs spread while standing on the edge of a bed or couch, or on two chairs. The person then slightly squats and opens their hips for standing penetration.

Exposed Eagle

This product is specifically designed for penis-in-vagina sex and may require a high level of flexibility from the person on top. In the cowgirl position, the person on top tucks their feet under their butt and leans back onto their partner's legs while the person on bottom sits up for continuous penetration. This maneuver may be challenging for some individuals.

How to Safely Try the Eagle Sex Position?

The eagle pose is suitable for individuals of moderate health and physical abilities, and may provide additional benefits.

Talking to Your Partner about Trying the Eagle Sex Position

Effective communication is crucial in sexual activities as it leads to improved sexual satisfaction and stronger relationships. If you wish to explore new positions, it is recommended to openly communicate with your partner. One particular option is the missionary position with the individual on bottom spreading their legs to the sides, which is suitable for those who may still be hesitant to discuss sex. This position does not pose any risks or surprises for the partner.


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