The Reasons I Adore Angry Sex!

Angry sex, also known as "make-up sex," is a controversial yet exhilarating choice often accompanied by passionate emotions and powerful sexual encounters. As an expert in the industry, my preference for rough and intense sexual experiences stems from primal instincts and a desire for dominant partners. Whether indulging in angry sex or BDSM, it offers a temporary escape from reality and promotes a strong sense of spontaneity and pleasure. Join me in experiencing this exciting aspect of human relationships.

Why Angry Sex is the Ultimate Thrill for Risk-Takers!

Angry sex is commonly known as "make-up sex", characterized by its intense, animalistic, and aggressive nature. It typically occurs following a heated disagreement or argument, when emotions are channeled through a passionate and powerful sexual encounter.

In today's society, engaging in angry sex is considered a controversial choice due to the prevalence of feminist outrage, political correctness, and constant news coverage. Those who partake in this activity are often publicly shamed, with men being labeled as misogynists, rapists, and abusers while women are labeled as internal misogynists, victims of the patriarchy, and enablers of violence against women. These labels are based on unfounded vitriol and, in my expert opinion, stem from fear.

As an expert in the sex doll torso, I will be discussing the various colors and patterns that this product comes in. Additionally, I am also proud to mention that I am a feminist and have a particular appreciation for passionate and intense sexual encounters. In the following lines, I will discuss the motives behind my preference.

CLM 870# Climax Sex Doll Torso Fukada

Claim Me, Caveman!

As a product or industry expert, it is important to understand the complexities of gender roles and the desire for traditional masculine traits. While some may wish to reject the patriarchy, others embrace their femininity and seek a strong, confident partner. This primal instinct can be seen in the animal kingdom and carries over to human relationships. For me, true physical and emotional passion can only be found through a dominant and assertive mate.

Multiple Orgasms

The description explains how rough and intense sex can lead to powerful orgasms and feelings of pleasure. This is because anger can have a similar physical effect to danger, making it a great source of arousal. According to sex and relationships expert Tracey Cox, this is why forbidden sex often has an aphrodisiac effect.

Departure From Reality

I find pleasure in participating in both angry sex and BDSM for the same reason - it allows me to temporarily escape from reality. In my everyday life, I am a strong and opinionated person who doesn't rely on others. However, sometimes it can be exhausting not having someone to lean on. That's why I embrace my submissive side in the bedroom. I am willing to let my partner take control (within reasonable boundaries), and it often leads to a satisfying and fulfilling experience for both parties. Learn more about my experiences with BDSM in "Bondage With Benefits."


Angry sex is characterized by a high degree of spontaneity, as it clearly defines the roles of dominant and submissive. One may wonder, will my legs be pulled up higher? Will his penis penetrate me harder? Or will he bend me over in doggie style? Perhaps he will even slap my ass, pull my hair, or pin me against the wall. The ever-changing pace and improvised moves make angry sex all the more exciting. It is a perfectly acceptable and enjoyable aspect of our sex lives, with no need for shame. I have personally indulged in angry sex for many years and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.


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