Climb the Magic Mountain: The Best Sex Positions Ever!

It's been a sex socially-distanced activities, and you're looking for something new to explore in the bedroom. You've looked at our cowgirl guide and read our sex tips, but you haven't quite found what you were after. If that's the case, the upcoming steps should help you discover a unique sexual position you probably haven't experimented with before--the magic mountain. Note: this position involves a couple with one partner with a vagina and another with a penis, but with the right equipment, any gender combination can try it out. Poptorso sex doll torso allows you to try out the best Magic Mountain sex positions.

Here, we'll dive into the anatomy and techniques of the Magic Mountain position, designed to stimulate both partners and bring heightened pleasure to your bedroom encounters. Learn how to get the most out of this position and add some excitement to your intimate moments. Our BBW sex doll can provide you with the most exciting new experiences in Magic Mountain sex positions.

What is Magic Mountain:

Magic Mountain is an exciting intercourse position which promotes deeper thrusts and heightened pleasure. This variant of the woman-on-top posture lets the male partner kneel up, with arms and legs slightly separated. The female participant then mounts the male, straddling his upright body while facing away. From this angle, she can lower onto the man's erect penis, setting the speed and depth of penetration.

Magic Mountain

Your Sex Move How-to: The Magic Mountain

To achieve the Magic Mountain position, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Start by both partners standing or kneeling on a soft, comfortable surface like a bed or rug.
  2. The active partner should assume a kneeling position with their feet slightly separated for stability and comfort.
  3. The receiving partner should assume a seated position, facing away from the active partner, and methodically lower themselves onto the erect penis.
  4. Once correctly situated, partners can modify their posture for heightened levels of coziness and gratification. The partner welcoming penetration can lean forward or back in order to identify the ideal angle and depth of thrusting.
  5. With the sending partner in control, the receiver can adjust speed and motion to suit their preferences, creating an intimate, customized experience.

What's the Magic Moutain Benefit?

The Magic Mountain position offers various advantages for partners, such as:

1. Enhanced pleasure: This position facilitates deeper penetration, allowing for stimulation of sensitive areas that intensifies pleasure for both people.

2. This angle of penetration can target the G-spot, increasing the probability of achieving strong pleasure sensations.

3. Real human contact: The face-to-face position allows couples to gaze into each other's eyes, promoting an intimate bond and encouraging an emotional connection.

4. Versatility and regulation: The receiving partner can dictate the speed and force of insertion, creating a personalized and pleasurable experience with each use.


Couples eager to explore new sexual positions or bolster their sense of closeness can make the Magic Mountain approach an exhilarating and rewarding choice. Conversation, comfort and security are key when you're experimenting with different positions, providing the necessary variation and spark to keep the relationship fresh and alive.


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