A Super Sex Lative Position: But What is 69?

What is 69 Position?

The 69 sexual position is a popular and enjoyable activity for partners. Also known as "mutual oral sex," this stance provides the opportunity for both lovers to both offer and receive oral pleasure. In this guide, examine the numerous variations of the 69 position, read up on helpful advice for maximum satisfaction and gain insight into the necessity of communication and consent during sexual activities.

69 is a contentious position for some, although it can be quite the feat on a sexual resume. It involves both parties simultaneously giving and receiving oral pleasure, and it can be challenging to coordinate. Working together can be tricky and it has been known to cause discomfort in certain situations.

"For couples looking to take their intimate connection to the next level, 69 can provide a special blend of pleasure. This position encourages mutual benefit, and taking the time to explore and be curious can result in a truly sublime experience. According to Janet Brito, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist, '69 is about mutual pleasure,' making it the perfect way for partners to feel more deeply connected." Poptorso's sex doll torso adult toys allow you to experience super high 69 sex positions

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Types of the 69 Positions:

The Lazy 69

If 69 isn't able to deliver the satisfaction that you seek (which is totally understandable), use it as an enjoyable activity that requires no expectations to be fulfilled. Reimagining it as a precursor to more concentrated stimulation with tools, hands, or penetration makes it less strenuous (no pressure to climax) and a lot more calming. Consider lying with your sides facing each other. "This could be more relaxing plus it helps with size disparities," Brito explains. Our super sexy MILF sex doll can replace your partner and become your best companion for experiencing 69 positions.

Classic 69

Both partners lie side-by-side in this position, facing one another. One partner's head is close to the other's genitalia while the other partner mimics the movement. This position offers easy access to erogenous zones on both sides.

The Teasing 69

Avoid the "69 zone" of simultaneous pleasure and frustration by trading off. Bring your partner to the brink of orgasm and switch off. Add hands or toys for varying levels of intensity, always changing the technique and pacing.

The Power 69

Explore the power exchange in this position--the dominant partner is in charge, straddling their partner and pushing their groin against the bottom partner's mouth (known as a face fuck). For comfort, the bottom partner can use a neck pillow or sex wedge to promote a better angle and access.

69 sex position

Reap the Pleasure of 69 with Helpful Tips and Tricks:

  1. Communication: Before engaging in sexual activities, have an open discussion with your partner about desires, boundaries, and preferences. Check that both people are happy and consenting to engage in an 69.
  2. Personal hygiene is paramount for an optimal experience. Bathing ahead of time and following good genital hygiene habits can maximize pleasure.
  3. Experiment and test out different methods to explore what sensations feel best for the two of you. Switch up the intensity, rate, and application of your moves, and even incorporate objects and toys to take pleasure to the next level.
  4. Position 69 requires both partners to maintain focus on the pleasure of the other, paying close attention to their reactions in order to adjust actions and optimize satisfaction.


The 69 sex position allows couples to explore new variations to mutually intensify pleasure and bonding. By following the provided tips, they can enhance their intimacy and sexual satisfaction. Communication and consent should always be respected, and shared pleasure is the key to a memorable and enjoyable experience.


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