The Best Sex Positions of the New Year 2024 - You Don't Want to Miss This!

New Year's is a time for celebration and what better way to indulge in this special occasion than with some Special Occasion Sex? This type of sex has an extra kick and spice to it because it marks a momentous event, whether it's the beginning of another fantastic year or the end of a not-so-great one. To help you kick off your 2024 with a bang (literally), we have consulted with top experts to create a list of New Year's sex positions. Use this as inspiration to discover your turn-ons, prioritize more intimate and romantic sex, or cross some items off your sex bucket list. And for those who make New Year's resolutions, why not add some sexy ones to your list? PopTorso's various styles of sex doll torso allow you to enjoy New Year's sex positions! European sex dolls, Asian sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls with different styles are all available, come and enjoy them now!

Get ready for the ultimate New Year's Eve experience with these 5 steamy positions that will guarantee the hottest night ever!

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The Big Countdown

"According to Coleman, maximize arousal throughout the day by engaging in passionate kisses, flirty behavior, and sweet affirmations. Maintain a slow simmer of passion by stimulating your partner's genitals over their clothing and sneakily squeezing their buttocks as they pass by. As the clock strikes midnight, celebrate the new year by shedding clothing and experiencing blissful orgasms."

The Attention Grabber

Welcome the new year by surprising your significant other with a sensual striptease, according to Coleman. Share your fantasies and desires while shedding your clothes, and let your partner watch in anticipation. You have the power to decide when they can touch you, so use this to heighten the intensity and pleasure. As you strip, take pleasure in touching yourself and let your partner describe in detail what they want to do with you once you give them the go-ahead. Keep it enjoyable, but remember to establish your dominance.

Happy Nude Years

Spend New Years Day intimately with your partner. Create a game where physical contact is off-limits, but use words to entice and excite each other throughout the day. If you can resist the temptation until nightfall, indulge in all the promised pleasures. (Lingerie or pantlessness can also add to the experience.)

I Am Too The Boss Of You

Improve your partner's sexual performance with a fun instructional game. Provide guidance on your desired activities and use toys or props for added pleasure. From oral sex to butt play, take control and let your partner learn how to satisfy you like a pro.

The Fireworks Display

Observe your partner in intimate detail by having them sit on top of you and pleasure themselves with a hand or toy. Activate your own toy and climax together while you watch.


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