The Chairman Wild Tonight: Weekly Sex Position!

Discover the thrilling and unique "Chairman" variation of the reversed cowgirl sex position in this week's installment of our expert sex position blog. Step-by-step instructions and expert tips will help you and your partner experience a new perspective of pleasure. Don't miss out! PopTorso's various styles of sex doll torso allow you to enjoy The Chairman sex positions! European sex dolls, Asian sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls with different styles are all available, come and enjoy them now!

What is the Chairman Sex Position?

This position is perfect for G-spot stimulation and allows both individuals to freely explore each other's bodies. It is typically used for traditional penis-in-vagina intercourse, but can be adapted for experimenting with new toys. The traditional orientation has one individual facing away from the other, but can also be modified to have both individuals face-to-face for a more intimate encounter.

What is Reversed Cowgirl?

Prior to trying "The Chairman" variation, it is important to have a clear understanding of the reverse cowgirl position. In this particular stance, the woman is facing away from her partner while straddling him, with her feet positioned on the bed or floor. It allows for the woman to dictate the speed and depth of penetration, while giving the man a desirable view of her backside.

Sex position the chairman

How Does the Chairman Sex Position Work?

To achieve this position, one person can sit on the edge of the bed or couch, while the other slowly lowers themselves down, typically facing away. Bringing the knees up to the chest and placing the feet on the bed can allow for even greater penetration. For added clitoral stimulation, consider incorporating a vibrator. Once comfortable with this position, the leapfrog position can offer even deeper penetration without requiring much flexibility. For a greater challenge, attempt the jackhammer or lightning bolt positions, with a note to build stamina beforehand.

Benefits of The Chairman Sex Position

  1. Enhanced intimacy: Experience a deep feeling of connection and closeness with your partner as you lock eyes and share an intimate moment.
  2. Different angles: The "Chairman" variation offers a distinctive approach for penetration, which can be highly stimulating for both individuals involved.
  3. Enhanced clitoral stimulation: This position may be beneficial for women who have difficulty finding sufficient clitoral stimulation in the standard cowgirl position.
  4. Deep penetration:  This position facilitates deeper penetration, which can be highly enjoyable for men.
  5. Different stimulation: Experiment with various stimulation techniques, such as using your hands or a vibrator, by facing your partner.

Tips for The Chairman Sex Position

Unleash the full potential of "The Chairman" variation with these valuable tips: start by sitting on your partner's lap and adjusting your position for maximum comfort and pleasure. Experiment with angles until you find the perfect fit. Communication is key, so let your partner know what feels good and what doesn't. Enhance the experience with lubrication for a smoother, more enjoyable encounter. Heighten pleasure by incorporating other stimulating techniques, such as using your hands or a vibrator.


"The Chairman" reverse cowgirl variation provides a sensational and intimate experience for both partners. It allows for various positions and deeper penetration, enhancing intimacy. For a change of pace, try "The Chairman" next time you're feeling adventurous.


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