Unleash Your Wild Side: 5 Must-Try Oral Sex Positions!

If you're a regular reader, you know that we love discussing oral sex...a lot. Whether it's revealing the latest viral "hacks" like the Kivin Method, giving tips on how to give the most pleasurable blow jobs, or teaching you how to expertly go down on someone, we pride ourselves on being well-versed in all things oral. However, with all the practice, research, and writing that goes into it, things can get a bit stale. Sure, your technique may get your partner from A to Z, but what about the excitement, the spark, and the - dare we say it - drama? Anyone in a long-term monogamous relationship knows exactly what we're talking about...and may be eager for what we're about to reveal. In the spirit of spicing things up in the bedroom (not just in terms of penetrative sex), we're sharing a variety of hot and adventurous oral sex positions from Alix Fox: a writer

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What Oral Sex Positions You Need to Try?

1. The Picnic

The Quims & lemonade move is perfect for creating a highly stimulating yet deeply relaxing oral experience for both partners. With its variety of exciting sensations, this move is suitable for all genders and most body types. No complicated poses are required, ensuring uninterrupted pleasure without the strain of physically challenging positions. Plus, the giver can easily take breaks to avoid jaw pain. It's a truly versatile and enjoyable experience for all.

For a truly immersive experience, follow these steps: First, lay a soft throw on the floor and have the receiver lay down on their back with cushions for added comfort. Consider adding a blindfold for an unexpected sensory element. If desired, enhance the overall ambiance by using headphones and playing the soundtrack from a sexually charged movie or a recording of rain, the ocean, or a crackling fire - the 'Soundscapes' available on meditation app Headspace are highly recommended. Next, prepare a selection of delicious goods such as flavored lubricants, teasing sex toys, and various items to create different sensations. If your partner has a penis, consider using a Poptorso Sex Doll Torso for a unique experience. These sleeves are soft, stretchy, and feature different stimulating textures for an enhanced experience. Lastly, experiment with different lubricants to further customize the sensation and truly elevate the experience. Poptorso has a variety of oral sex doll styles that allow you to try out different blowjob techniques.

2. The Chair and Prayer

This pose is ideal for individuals who are fond of "switching" roles in the bedroom, switching between being dominant and submissive during sexual activity.

The giver can kneel at the recipient's feet while they sit on a chair with their thighs spread. For added intensity, the giver's wrists can be handcuffed to the chair's legs, preventing them from using their fingers. This will require the giver to rely solely on their oral skills for pleasure. To ensure appreciation for the giver's hard work, the recipient can allow them to rest their head on their thigh and be praised for their dedicated service. Roles can be reversed by tying the recipient to the back of the chair. For added variety, try moving the chair to different rooms or placing it in front of a mirror. This adds a heightened sense of ritualistic drama and anticipation.

3. The Lock 'n' Stocks

This oral sex position is perfect for power play enthusiasts, giving the receiver complete control. It's a must-try for those looking to switch things up.

The receiver should lie on their back with their knees bent upwards while the giver positions themselves on all fours, facing them and resting on their elbows. The receiver can then secure their partner's head between their thighs and hold their wrists, as if in 'stocks'. They may choose to maintain control by gripping the giver's face in place as they are being licked and sucked, ensuring boundaries, consent, and safety signals have been clearly discussed beforehand. Alternatively, they can hold their head just out of reach of their genitals, teasingly and painfully, until they plead for a taste.

4. The Babysitter

The act of "facesitting" has a powerful appeal for many individuals. The person in the sitting position experiences a dominant sense of power, while the person being straddled can fully submit and immerse themselves in the intimate sensations of their partner's vulva. However, for some, the extreme elements involved in this act can make them feel uncomfortable. Worries of suffocation or claustrophobia may arise, making them hesitant to fully participate. The Babysitter technique offers a gentler way to experiment with facesitting without feeling overwhelmed. The giver lays on their back while the receiver kneels in front, lightly teasing with their breath and allowing the giver to guide them closer with their hands. The Babysitter focuses on slow, controlled movements and allows the giver to feel in charge. For added stability, the receiver can lean forward and hold onto the headboard, or use pillows to take strain off their knees and elevate themselves for easier breathing.

5. The Watering Hole

When it comes to beginners trying analingus, ass licking or rimming, a shared shower is the perfect place to start. Take your time to thoroughly clean your partner's behind before having them face the wall with their legs spread while you squat behind them. To add extra stimulation, if the shower has a removable head, have them hold it against their nipples (or clit/penis if they can manage to angle the spray). Avoid diving straight into their anus; instead, alternate between gentle licks, broad strokes, and creative patterns. For added sensation, soak a sponge and gently squeeze it at the top of their butt crack, allowing the warm (or cold) water to flow down their buttocks. It's simply out of this world.


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