The Planking Positions: All You Need to Know!

What is the Plank Sexual Position?

The Plank sexual position offers unique depth and speed control to the partner on top, while the partner on the bottom enjoys a stable foundation for the position. This can lead to enhanced sexual pleasure as well as increased intimacy between partners. Moreover, the Plank position is a great way to fit some physical activity into your sex life; the partner on bottom engaging their core muscles and the partner on top using their arm and chest muscles to support their weight. This activity can boost endorphins and mood, making it a fun, healthy way to add some variation. Poptorso's sex doll torso can meet your needs to experience sex in the plank position. Our life size sex doll simulates the body shape of a real person, providing you with a super realistic sex experience.

sex position planking

How to Prepare for the Plank Position?

The Planking sex position is an stimulating and multifaceted position that can increase a couple's emotional and physical connection. This position involves two people lying horizontally in the same position as the popular physical exercise of "planking." Akin to doggy and missionary styles; couples can achieve this position by following the steps outlined:

  • Start by laying prone on any even surface, such as a bed or the floor. Extend your arms out straight ahead, and then rest on your forearms. Ensure that your body is in a straight line, with your toes just touching the floor.
  • Partner Posture: Your partner should lie across your body, facing away. Knees may be bent or the legs may be extended, whatever is most comfortable.
  •  Insertion and pleasure: When both individuals are in place, your companion can push their penis or an adult novelty item into your vagina or anus, depending on their preference. The planking posture offers a different approach for both individuals while enabling deeper insertion.
  • Variable motions: When in the planking pose, partners can test out different patterns and tempos. Your companion can use their hands to delicately massage your back, derriere, or legs for further aroused satisfaction.
  • Communication and support: Effective communication is critical during any sexual encounter. Express your desires and preferences to your partner, and be sure to monitor your partner's comfort levels. Adjustments can be made to suit individual needs and physical abilities.


What are Benefits of the Planking Sex Position:

1. Increased sensation: Planking can facilitate greater depth in intercourse, thereby intensifying the pleasure of both partners.

2. Broad muscles recruitment: By using this position, multiple muscle groups can be activated for a comprehensive workout during intercourse.

3. Direct Gazing: Planking can bring partners more face-to-face, encouraging direct gazing and therefore deepening the bond between them.

4. Adaptability: The planking position can be customized to best accommodate various body shapes and personal preferences. Integrate modifications like lifting a single leg or propping up with pillows for stability.

Engaging in sexual exploration requires consent, communication and shared pleasure. While the planking sex position may be thrilling, it may be unsuitable for some. Pay attention to your and your partner's signals to guarantee a safe, pleasurable experience.


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