Discover why The Caboose is the best sex position!

The Caboose position offers a unique twist on traditional intercourse, allowing for deep penetration and increased intimacy with your partner. Whether you are a seasoned couple or exploring new experiences, the Caboose is sure to add excitement to your bedroom. It may even be considered a variation of doggy style in certain situations. Experience the orgasmic pleasure of The Caboose position with a sex doll torso from PopTorso, which has a large selection of cheap sex dolls for you to choose from!

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What is The Caboose Sex Position?

With a daring attitude, the couple can intertwine in this position, where one sits on the bed or a chair while the other backs into their lap. The limited visual contact adds to the thrill, allowing for wild fantasies to enhance the experience.

How to Do the Caboose?

  1. Start by lying on your back, spreading your legs and bending them slightly at the knees.
  2. Position your partner facing you while standing or kneeling between your legs.
  3. Securely hold your partner by wrapping your legs around their waist.
  4. Use your partner's fingers or a toy for additional enjoyment while being entered from behind.
  5. This position offers deep penetration and face-to-face intimacy, providing a relaxing experience for maximum enjoyment.
  6. Try various movements and angles to determine the most comfortable options for both individuals.

Benefits of The Caboose

  • Intimate connection: This stance fosters a feeling of intimacy and closeness, as you gaze deeply into your partner's eyes.
  • Deep penetration: Enhance pleasure for both partners with deeper penetration using The Caboose. Incorporating this product may result in heightened satisfaction due to its ability to provide enhanced penetration.
  • Variety: Enhance your experience by altering your leg and body placement, allowing for a diverse range of feelings and gratification.
  • Easy access: The Caboose enables effortless stimulation of the clitoris or exploration of other erogenous zones for you and your partner.
  • Enhanced pleasure: Experience heightened pleasure for both partners through the combination of deep penetration and face-to-face intimacy.
  • The unexpected aspect: The positioning of your back towards your partner leaves you susceptible to their next move, adding an element of excitement.
  • A whole new Adventure: This role may be unfamiliar to you, and you may be discovering it for the first time. Take a moment to envision yourself fulfilling this role alongside a partner.

The Caboose Pro Tips

Learn effective communication with your partner by openly discussing concerns and preferences. Enhance pleasure and reduce friction by using lubrication. Experiment with various speeds and rhythms to determine the most satisfying techniques for both partners. Take necessary breaks and focus on breathing to maintain connection with your partner. Keep things exciting by remembering that the Caboose is just one of many positions that can be switched up.


Experience an unparalleled level of excitement and intimacy in your sex life with The Caboose position. This expertly designed pose offers deep penetration and a strong bond between partners, making it an ideal choice for those seeking new sensations and a stronger connection. Don't hesitate to try it out and let your partner take you to new levels of ecstasy!


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