Discover The Best Torso Sex Doll Brand Sigafun - At Venus Berlin

Meet The Best Sex Doll Torso Brand Sigafun at Venus Berlin

From October 26th to 28th, 2023, Berlin, Germany had the privilege of hosting the venerated Venus Berlin Adult Exhibition. This significant event served as one of the top trade platforms for adult entertainment, standing out across Europe and the world. Sigafun felt honored to be a part of it.

This event highlighted several notable adult sex doll torso brands, top-tier international adult toy makers, and key industry tastemakers. The event proudly displayed the variety and fun of adult toys through demonstrations. It was a distinguished international meeting place for both social and business cooperation, and a pinnacle of the European adult entertainment sector.


At the exhibition, our team featured three distinguished labels, Irontech Doll, Sigafun, and Real Lady, providing an alluring sensory experience for attendees. The stream of humanity was tremendous each day. The prominent focus of people's admiration was the newly launched torso dolls. Everyone was impressed by the authentic leathery finish of the items and how they mimicked human skin. Reasons to get excited were plenty, especially regarding the highly detailed female body Silicone sex dolls from Sigafun. Media personnel also spoke highly of these products.

At the 2023 VENUS exhibition in Berlin, interactive gaming was a key factor in creating a vibrant atmosphere. Our intricate roulette game not only gave guests the chance to sample our wares, but it also featured competitions with free prizes. A lucky guest won a $100 donation to a dog shelter, demonstrating the strong bond between humans and animals. Other awards included reduced shipping costs and half-priced items.


The 2023 VENUS Adult Exhibition in Berlin, Germany, demonstrated a welcoming environment of liberty, transparency, and inclusion. Attendees revealed their brave and audacious style of dress, openly displaying their true personas.

Attending the VENUS Adult Exhibition in Berlin, Germany, provided a range of beneficial prospects for our brand and reinforced our assurance in bringing the physical doll industry to untapped markets. We remain certain that the VENUS Adult Exhibition in Germany will keep imparting development and advancement in the world of adult amusement, working as a fundamental platform for network and teamwork. It's an exuberant, daring event that provides countless possibilities for people to discover and invent in the universe of sensuality and beauty.

Sigafun invite you to join the meetings in Guangzhou and Las Vegas. We look forward to your attendance.


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